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Transform your home entrance with these easy foyer decor tips

Set the tone for your home through your entryway using personal touches and practical features.

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By House & Garden South Africa | August 11, 2023 | Small Spaces

The entryway of your home is one of the best places to make a lasting, first impression on your guests. While the entryways and foyers are more liminal spaces, these are where the opportunity for a grand entrance and has the power to set the tone for the rest of your home.

While an entryway makeover might sound small, they are a great way to express one’s individuality, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to personalise your home’s exterior.

Narrow entryways with limited space provides room for textures and smart storage, while grand foyers may call for playful lighting and home fragrance. From knocking on your front door to adding a bold pop of colour, these are some of our favourite entry foyer design and decor ideas to create a welcoming and authentic first impression.

Establish the aesthetic for the rest of the home

Let colour be your guide when deciding what the vibe of your home will be. Create a calm and cool space with warm shades of ivory or colours like accessible beige. Earth-like tones such as sage green or rusty copper will give the impression of warm energy. On the flip side, bold colours and jewel tones are playful, punchy, and daring, which invites an energy of exuberance into the home.

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Create a gallery wall with your favourite photos and artwork

The entrance of your house is a great place to show off what is special to you, some of your favourite artwork, or curate your home’s aesthetic into one space. Here, the idea of an entryway is to encourage lingering to observe and absorb the personality of the homeowner. The best part about a gallery wall is the freedom to shuffle around your images and you can easily DIY any frame arrangement.

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Embrace unique, sculptural lighting

Whether you have high ceilings, natural lighting, or a small entryway, incorporating unique sculptural light fixtures is an upgrade that makes a huge impact to your foyer design. During the day, unique light fixtures mimic works of art, while providing the right amount of light throughout the evening.

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Integrate storage and counter-tops in small entryways

In reality, an entryway tends to be the first place we put our bags, shoes, and personal belongings before entering the rest of the home. This is where small entryways are the best for maximising the limited space available.

Small storage units to store shoes with tabletop where a bowl of keys can perch is a great way to capitalise on a small foyer. Unique hooks and durable rugs are great for hanging coats and wet umbrellas during the rainy months, while keeping the traffic flow of the small foyer.

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Bring the outside in with plants and floral personalised arrangements

The house entrance is a great place to show off your green thumb if you don’t have a front garden. Your entryway is almost like a bathroom because they can be small and might not always have the best lighting. But low-light indoor plants and flower arrangements are a great idea for your entryway to give a fresh pop of colour and personality with your favourite flowers and potted-plants.

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Introduce print through your walls or floors

The entryway is a liminal space where we transition from the outside-in or move outside, which means there is an opportunity to introduce some playful prints using exciting tiles or wallpapers. Colourful tiles are a great incorporation of colour into a neutral space, while wallpaper showcases a homeowner’s personality on an accent wall.

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