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The astrological décor guide

How your star sign influences your décor style

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By IOL Reporter | December 9, 2020 | Interiors

Picture: Unsplash

Nicki Ellis

Decor by star signs is not for everyone, but designer and content producer Nicki Ellis of Love Milo Studio says when you look at the cosmos you can see how the constellations can guide your home design choices.

Whether you are just updating or completely revamping your home decor, Ellis points out it’s important to look not just to what’s trending but to also be deeply thoughtful about what makes you happy and utterly comfortable in your home environment.

This is her guide:


Always eager to explore, fiery Aries is inclined to make bold, original choices when they are designing their home environment.

Space for energetic movement and opportunities for confident self-expression is important, and so is the flexibility to easily and affordably make frequent changes.

A feature wall is always a good idea as it can make a striking statement and quickly be painted or papered over for a new look. Aries is likely to enjoy trends such as bold black and white, geometric designs and intense tonal reds.


The current trend towards the elegant use of natural materials is well-suited to the earthy yet stylish Taurus, whose home-front focus is on comfort, pleasure and the finer things in life.

Many traditional interior decor themes are best suited to Taureans, who are likely to invest in the best of everything and does not necessarily crave novelty.

To update their home decor, Taurus can simply focus on adding new soft cushions, luxurious throws and perhaps a rich rug reflecting the on-trend colours and designs.


Mercurial Gemini has no problem mixing up styles – in fact, they generally do it with enviable panache. From vintage to modern, minimalist to maximalist, Gemini will want to do it all.

It’s in the Gemini nature to want to be innovative and on-trend, and their instincts for what works are usually finely honed. As they are easily bored and value exciting change, versatile spaces, furnishings and artworks work best for them so they can unleash their creativity and make frequent transformations that pop.


For Cancer, their home is not for showing off to others; it’s all about their own feelings. Sensitive and protective, Cancer needs a comforting and cosy home environment.

Simplicity and neutrality in their physical environment provide a fitting backdrop for their emotional depth. The Nordic Retreat trend with its white, cream and pale-grey palette juxtaposed with luxurious, soft textures is a Cancer dream.

Cancer should look to the 90% white, 10% colour trend and may consider the revival of the canopy bed.


If there’s a stunning chandelier in the expansive bathroom, the radiant homeowner is most probably a Leo.

Warm-hearted, passionate and a lover of the finest things in life, Leo gravitates towards lavish, grand and dramatic. Bright colours, burnished metals and big fireplaces all satisfy Leos’ urge to be at the centre of attention, which is balanced by their whole-hearted enjoyment of generously giving unconditionally to others.

Leo generally finds it easy to cherry-pick across decor trends to find the statement pieces and colour schemes that fit well in their royal establishment.


The happy home of peaceful, practical Virgo will be a beacon of order and cleanliness. Virgo is generally far less concerned with the latest trends to impress others, as they are interested in design innovations and ideas that foster better home organisation that please themselves.

Virgos might change things often, but that’s more because they are seeking better ways to organise. Clutter and mixed-up trends can be disturbing. Minimalism, neutral colours and comfortable furniture tend to suit Virgo best.

The need for innovation can be easily satisfied with new well-positioned plants or cut flowers.


Beauty and balance are equally important to the refined Libra. The beauties in shape, form, texture and colour can bring peace and satisfaction. Libra’s need for serenity in the home must be top of mind when thinking about making decor updates.

Artistic and sociable, Libra needs conducive spaces for both personal expression and authentic connection with others. Gentleness needs to be weighed on the scales with playfulness.

Modern botanical motifs, fashionable pinks, dark inky blues and even primary colours can express the lightness and energy that is quintessential Libra.


Intense Scorpio is a home decor force that rarely gets it wrong. Scorpio generally has a mature sense of self and well-developed know-how about what the home environment needs to deliver to make them happy.

Dark, refined, classic, but also sumptuous and stylish, characterise an ideal Scorpio home. If there’s a star sign that will go for the current all-black, luxurious spa-inspired bathroom, it will be Scorpio.

The revitalisation of decadent dark velvet couches and canopy beds draped in heavy, dramatic silks will assist Scorpios in carving out the mysterious, satisfying private spaces they need. They need to remember to bring in the natural light.


The perennial philosopher and ongoing learner, Sagittarius may not be overly concerned with being on-trend when it comes to home decor. Notorious collectors, Sagittarius might have to grapple with how to organise heaps of books, nostalgic artefacts and travel memorabilia.

Generally, minimalism is not natural to them, but they can certainly benefit from applying the principles. The current sustainable design and consumerism trends resonate strongly with the nature-inspired Sagittarius outlook and can help them to curb their clutter.


The arch traditionalist of the Zodiac, Capricorn is least likely to be seduced by current fashion. More often than not, their home environment is almost gallery-like, well ordered and infinitely practical. Order and symmetry are important, as are family heirlooms and antiques.

Capricorns can benefit from keeping their finger on the pulse of current decor trends to ensure that amid all their focus on traditional practicality and order, they are not missing modern opportunities which emphasise comfort and nurturing.


Universal Aquarius has the most eclectic decor mindset. An incredible store of knowledge blends with a keen curiosity of futurism. Anything is possible in the Aquarius home and it is always interesting.

Showcases of valuable books, artworks and artisanal design features are often more important than specific pieces of furnishings, as Aquarius values mind over matter. With a tendency towards eccentric, and as a comfortable rebel, Aquarius is unlikely to slavishly follow fashionable decor trends. They will be interested in learning and then make whatever they like their own, in their own way.


Like fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces requires a highly personalised home environment. Dreamy Pisces needs home to be a sanctuary, not necessarily a showpiece. The return of canopy beds may well be ideal for Pisces, who can create a gentle, watery bedtime ambience with soft wave-like draping.

Lots of natural light and airy space nurtures Pisces. Pisces must also make sure they create conducive social spaces in the home to prevent them from becoming isolated.