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Top 3 lighting trends for 2019

Lighting is an affordable option for your home or office if you're considering switching things up a bit

By Omeshnie Naidoo | March 13, 2019 | Category

From trendy table lamps to floor lamps and pendants in 2019 expect chic woven lights in resin and recycled t-shirt yarn, contemporary lamp stands in birch ply and sustainable oak; as well as and lighting selections in wire, covered in a variety of fabrications.

"Lighting opts are vast and can completely transform the mood of any space," says Cathy Newton, Managing Director of Wire World, exclusive manufacturers and distributors of Fundi Light & Living.

“To understand atmosphere, you need to first understand the different types of light and how they interact with each other.

"Ambient, functional and accent lighting all need to be taken into consideration along with the function of the room.”

Newton says the wrong lighting could have disastrous effects on the overall feel, “A restaurant owner would not put harsh fluorescent lighting above his dining area tables, nor would a business owner put dark ambient lighting in his office area.”

"Lighting is also an affordable option for home or office renovation," says Newton. “Often one gets bored of their interiors and envisions having to spend thousands on expensive furniture to update the look. Lighting is a quick and highly effective way in which to change things up."

Here are the top 3 lighting trends they foresee in 2019:

1. Artisanal Lighting

There is a gravitation to artisanal lighting with an increasing number of creative entrepreneurs emerging in the lighting industry. People appreciate hand crafted items more as there is a general move away from mass produced goods. These uniquely-made lights create a talking point in any room and offer the feeling of exclusivity. 

2. Minimalism

Minimalism is key as people migrate away from cluttered interiors. There is a strive to ‘decongest’ our lives. Look for ranges that are scaled back in detail, simple and void of any embellishment. 

Colours have become quite subdued and more emphasis has been given to bringing new textures and fabrications to the foreground. Accents are brought in with hints of dull copper and gold making the product quite versatile, as these blend with most pallets already in the home.

3. Sustainability

Still ever-prevalent is the movement towards energy-efficient bulbs and sustainable products. The world is becoming increasingly aware of the damage that it is being caused to mother nature through heavy industrialisation which is why it is important to use companies that procures material in a sustainable manner.

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