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3 Delicious chocolate chip cookie recipes to try now

Here are three delicious chocololate chip recipes you should try now - there is an option for vegans too

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By Kauthar Gool | June 6, 2023 | Recipes

The days are colder, flu season is rampant, and you may be craving a treat. If you’re in the mood to spoil yourself with a delectable sweet treat, we have the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipes for you to try – one of which is vegan. All of the ways to prepare the treats are unique and suit any taste preferences.

While indulging in sweets on a regular basis is incredibly unhealthy, a little guilty pleasure now and then is essential. If you have a sweet tooth, let these chocolatey delicious treats delight your senses. These cookies are softer than a normal biscuit and can be enjoyed with milk or a warm drink to make you feel even more snug and delightful.

1. Double chocolate delight

These chocolate chip cookies are simple to prepare and incorporate white, milky, and dark chocolate, making them a sensation for the taste buds and a must-try treat. The flavours in this cookie are amazing.

2. Vegan chocolate cookies

These cookies include non-dairy milk and vegan chocolate. If you ever thought vegetarians and vegans could not enjoy a chocolate chip cookie, think again. Enjoy this guilt-free cookie without compromising on taste. This recipe seems uncomplicated and incorporates many items you’re likely to have in your pantry.

3. Classic chocolate

This recipe is easy to prepare and includes all the gooey delectable flavour of a traditional chocolate chip cookie. This recipe incorporates brown butter, which YouTuber, @aubreysaurus claims is the secret to the rich taste found therein. Try it now!