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Recipe: A Cosy Chicken Soup to Carry You Through the Winter Cold

This is the best soup to make when you have a cold, or simply trying to get through colder weather

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By Bon Appetit US | April 26, 2024 | Recipes

Within the last week, it seems that colds are suddenly back in vogue. When the folks in my life get a cold, I’m an evangelist for the healing powers of chicken soup. For my go-to, I smash star anise, whole cinnamon sticks, ginger, and green onions before sautéing them in chili paste and adding chicken parts, a little fish sauce, and lots of soy to make a warming, comforting, and absolutely delicious soup.

Why This Soup Makes You Feel Better

As much as I love it, however, even I sometimes need an alternative, especially when it seems like everyone—children, neighbors, and colleagues alike—are sniffling and sneezing, and I have to make my old chestnut again and again. Thankfully, our archives are full of options; there are over 20 in this gallery alone. Of all of variations, I was most drawn to Andy Baraghani’s Feel-Better Chicken Rice Soup, which has a lot in common with my signature soup yet distinguishes itself with some key differences: It uses jasmine rice instead of rice noodles; lime instead of chili paste for that touch of acidity; and sweet potatoes, which are loaded with vitamins.

This feel-good chicken soup replaces noodles with jasmine rice for a smaller, cosier starch. Image via Pexels.

Between wrapping gifts and baking cookies, bingeing on Succession and crying while watching It’s A Wonderful Life—do try our Feel-Better Chicken Rice Soup. It is a dish that all but the vegetarians in your life will find comforting, cold or no cold.

Get the full recipe here

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