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Recipe: A simple cocktail to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

While St. Patrick’s Day is not a common holiday in SA, we can certainly appreciate a good gin cocktail, clover included

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By Yashna Balwanth | March 14, 2023 | Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated on the 17th March every year, is the day observed for St. Patrick himself, the patron saint of Ireland. On this day, the Irish celebrate with feasts, music and plenty of alcohol. While St. Patrick’s Day certainly started in honour of one man, it has evolved over time to appreciate the beautiful Irish culture. To commemorate this holiday, we have put a few ingredients together to create the best gin cocktail that is subtle, smooth and oh-so-tasty.


– 50ml dry gin

– 15ml lemon juice

– 10ml simple syrup (or basil syrup)

– Clover for garnish


Muddle the basil leaves in the base of the shaker before you add the rest of the ingredients and ice. Shake well for 15 – 20 seconds and strain into a tall glass with ice. Garnish with clovers and enjoy!