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Rosé Terrine

An absolutely decadent dessert made with Babylonstoren's Mourvedre Rosé

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By Gugulethu Mkhabela | October 16, 2019 | Recipes

Babylonstoren’s Mourvѐdre Rosѐ is a lovely summer wine that you can add to your special Garden Day menu. Sophisticated, with an inviting and pretty salmon colour, it offers an exquisite and (unforgettable) mouthfeel. The super elegant wine has lovely hints of raspberries and rose petals and you will experience a delightful creamy strawberry yoghurt and candyfloss taste with each sip. Yumminess all-round, and it works magic in garden cocktails and desserts too, try this lovely recipe below.

Rosѐ Terrine

For the Plum sorbet

3 cups sliced red plums, pips and skin removed

1 cup sugar

60 ml lemon juice

250ml Babylonstoren Mourvѐdre Rosѐ

Pinch of salt

1t rosewater (optional)


Simmer all ingredients in over low heat for 1 hour, until plums are completely soft and have a thick compote consistency.

Remove from heat and blend in a food processor until smooth.

Taste and add a bit of honey if not sweet , or more lemon juice if too sweet.

Add rosewater if you like and stir through. Cover and cool down for 2 hours.

Pour into ice cream machine and follow ice cream machine instructions.

1 litre raspberry ice cream, fresh seasonal fruit such as persimmon, red plums and raspberries.

Line a small bread baking dish with plastic cling wrap—with the cling wrap hanging over the sides. Spread the bottom of the tin with the plum sorbet and top with raspberry sorbet.

Fold the cling wrap back over the terrine and pace in the freezer until frozen and ready to use.

To assemble

Slice round circles of persimmon and plate. Top with a slice of terrine as well as fresh raspberries and a fresh red plum. Garnish with fragrant flowers and serve with an ice-cold glass of Babylonstoren Mourvѐdre Rose.

Get a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil when you buy four or more bottles of Babylonstoren Mourvѐdre Rose.