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Watch: Try these Delicious Weekend Recipes for Dumplings and Dim Sum

Learn how to pleat, fill, and cook your dim sum for a fun weekend activity with foodie friends

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By House & Garden South Africa | September 16, 2023 | Recipes

Going to your favourite local Asian restaurant is a fun way to try new flavours and fun dumplings. Plus, with an array of locally-available Asian supermarkets with a frozen food section, you can buy frozen dim sum to steam at home. But, it is just as fun to make your own dim sum at home using fresh ingredients and deliciously spicy chilli crisp. Why not invite friends over for a fun dim sum dinner party where everyone can get involved in preparing the filling and pleating their very own dumplings? Remember, making dumplings takes practice!

Cut out Gluten with Prawn Har Gow

Instead of using flour to make the dough wrapper, use different starches like tapioca and potato starch to give the wrapper a translucent effect. Prawn Har Gow is a delicious one bite dim sum that is fun and light.

@eatchofood Happy Dim Sumday! Celebrating the start of this series with Har Gow, my favorite 🥰 full recipe is in my cookbook, Mooncakes and Milk Bread! #dimsum #hargow #dumplings #crystaldumpling #chinesefood #recipe #recipesoftiktok #cookingtiktok #mooncakesandmilkbread ♬ Atlas - The Dip

Layer Over Ponzu Sauce for a Super Saucy Serving

Dumplings often have pork, ginger, and cabbage in the filling, but it’s up to you whether you’d serve the sauce separately or pour it all over. Either is delicious, but the later makes for a delicious and juicy plating.

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Get your vegetables in with versatile vegetable dumplings

Vegetable dumplings are a great recipe to fit some vegetables into your dinner. The best part about vegetable dumplings is the versatility of the filling, where you can use almost any vegetable combination you like. For fine shave of harder root vegetables, use a cheese grater for a minced vegetable filling.

@dish_by_rish Veggie Dumplings! Steamed dumplings full of veggies, texture, and flavour. I've added shallots, cabbage, carrots, and shiitake mushrooms. Dunk in chilli oil or chilli vinegar. You won't regret it! #dumplings #dumplingsrecipe #steameddumplings #vegandumplings #jiaozi #chinesedumplings ♬ Rollin' (feat. Burna Boy) - MIST