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A glass of Vegan, anyone?

Meet Sophie Germanier, South Africa’s award-winning organic wine producer

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By Gerry Cupido | June 21, 2021 | Travel Leisure

Picture: Instagram

She’s passionate about the environment, and believes that organic practice plays an impeccable role in sustainability and the longevity of the wine industry.

It’s this philosophy that drove Sophie Germanier, daughter of renowned Swiss winemaker Jacques Germanier, to produce the award-wining Sophie Germanier Organic Wines.

The wines are organic certified (no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and herbicides are used in the vineyards), vegan and created with the environment and its inhabitants in mind.

We spoke to Sophie about her journey in the wine industry and her plans for the brand.

Tell me about your journey in the wine industry?

My father has played a massive role in my journey. Since I was a young girl, I was exposed to wine through my dad, who was a well-respected winemaker and entrepreneur in Switzerland. It was his passion for wine that was so contagious and led me on a similar path.

I officially entered the wine industry in 2014 when I came to South Africa to run the family business, which exposed me to all aspects of the wine value chain.

After learning much in the industry, I decided to hone my abilities on trading wine as a negociant.

My focus is to meet the demand of the various markets within South Africa and around the world. I’m passionate about the environment, and believe that organic practice plays an impeccable role in sustainability and the longevity of the wine industry.

What were the deciding factors behind the choice of blends?

The reason behind these blends is that I have access to high quality varietals and by combining them in the white and red blends, it creates certain dimensions and profiles that would otherwise not be seen in other bottles of wine.

It is this approach that differentiates my wines from others, and that’s important.

What plans do you have for the brand moving forward?

My vision is for the brand to be recognised as a conscious wine that ultimately resonates within individuals that care about the environment and society.

Sustainability will be at the forefront of everything we do, while also creating value for the customer through quality.

I’m busy with new product development and some exciting prospects await.

There are two blends in the Sophie Germanier Organic Wines collection.

The Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Shiraz is a well-rounded and balanced wine. It boasts a bouquet of red bell pepper, herbs and leather, and follows through on the palate with cigar box, dark fruit and prune. This wine was awarded Gold at the 2021 Gilbert and Gaillard International Wine Awards and Top Gold at the PAR International Organic Wine Awards.

The Sauvignon Blanc Semillon presents gooseberries and grapefruit, with hints of stone fruit on the nose. Flavours of granadillas and citrus are accompanied by a creamy palate following through towards the end. The wine has good texture with an all-round balance. This wine was awarded Best Value at the 2021 Gilbert and Gaillard International Wine Awards and Gold at the PAR International Wine Awards.

Sophie Germanier’s Organic Wines are available to purchase at Bar Keeper Strand Street, Norman Goodfellows Gardens and Three Anchor Bay, Roeland Liquors and Vino Pronto Gardens, as well as online at Bar Keeper, Wild Organics and Wine Concepts.