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How to book accommodation during the pandemic

3 reasons why you should choose self-catering during a pandemic

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By Travel Reporter | January 28, 2021 | Travel Leisure

Picture: Unsplash

Craving a holiday during the pandemic, well self-catering may be your safest bet. Shaun Lamont, Managing Director of First Group Hotels and Resorts, says that while hitting the road for a sneaky getaway is a good idea for both the economy and your mental health, it’s not risk-free.

“Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep safety a priority when choosing your holiday accommodation.

"We are in unprecedented times. Naturally, we are social beings, and not being able to exercise the very thing that makes us human, is incredibly difficult.

“However, in the interest of returning to a better version of our current reality, we have to be more responsible," he says.

Lamont believes that choosing a resort that follows strict Covid-19 protocols should be top of every holiday-makers list.

He says that opting for self-catering accommodation allows you to comply with the guidelines offered by the WHO while still being able to enjoy some time away.

He shares why:

You can avoid crowded places

Choosing self-catering accommodation, whether it's a cottage in the Berg or a seaside apartment, allows you to steer clear of crowds.

In fact, in some cases (especially in the Berg and bush!) cottages are located far apart. You can enjoy the fresh air and a lower concentration of people.

You can avoid close-contact settings

Staying in a self-catering chalet means that you eat, sleep and socialise in your own private ‘bubble’ without having to brave common areas that will expose you to close-range conversations with strangers.

You can avoid confined enclosed spaces

Avoiding enclosed spaces with poor ventilation is easy when you are soaking up the sun, and are surrounded by nothing more than mountains, hills or the ocean.