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Planning on seeing the Spring flowers? Here are the best spots to visit

Discover 5 spots where you’ll see the best Cape Spring flowers this year

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By Edwain Steenkamp | August 18, 2023 | Travel Leisure

The annual Spring flowers in South Africa is one of the marvels of the natural world. There’s little wonder why people travel from around the country – and even the world – to get a glimpse of these beauties. As we prepare for flower season, we round up a few spots where you can see the Spring flowers

West Coast National Park

With just a short drive from the Mother City, you’ll see all the flowers your heart desires. The West Coast National Park is especially attractive as you’ll likely also glimpse the many species of wildlife that roams the land.

Distance from Cape Town: 1 hour. Click here for the map.


Perhaps the most famous of all flower destinations, Nieuwoudtville is a must for avid floral enthusiasts.

Distance from Cape Town: 4 hours. Click here for the map.


This little town is already famous for its citrus fruit – so much so that it was named after them. But every year, it hosts other beautiful visitors: the Spring flowers.

Distance from Cape Town: 2 hours. Click here for the map.

Karoo Desert National Botanical Gardens

While the gardens are a treat all year round due the wide variety of plants adapted to the arid conditions, during Spring it takes on new life in a vivid display of colour.

Distance from Cape Town: 1 hr 30 minutes. Click here for the map.

Tienie Versfeld Wildflower Reserve

While the reserve may be relatively small, here you will find untouched land with some of the most beautiful and charming Spring floral varieties. It’s a short drive, and definitely worth the trip.

Distance from Cape Town: 1 hour. Click here for the map.