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Small hotel, big break: Relax and unwind at the historic Spier Hotel

A historic landmark, the Spier Hotel is your perfect getaway to spend time with your loved ones

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By Yashna Balwanth | November 17, 2022 | Travel Leisure

A short drive out of Cape Town, perhaps around 45 minutes to be exact, close to the small town of Stellenbosch is a wine farm synonymous with Cape Town visits, as its historic nature suggests. The Spier Wine Farm has been around for many years, with the hotel starting back in 2000. Featuring village-style buildings with a total of 80 rooms in a suburban setting alongside the calming Eerste River, it’s no wonder the Spier Hotel is an idyllic getaway for couples and families alike.

The hotel bedrooms are ideally situated to feel complete privacy with spacious rooms, a cosy fireplace and your own terrace or balcony, depending on if you are on the ground floor or first. The bedrooms are fully equipped with all the trimmings from airconditioners, wifi and a special bottle of wine for you to enjoy. (Talk about being immersed in a complete wine experience)!

A signature riverside terrace room, Image Supplied

The Spier art collection is certainly something to be marvelled at, boasting one of the largest collections of contemporary South African art in the country. They run various projects, namely the Creative Block Project which promotes emerging and established artists with small block canvas pieces, as well as the Annual Light Fair that takes place every March / April out in the garden after dark. The art initiative across Spier allows you to immerse yourself into the perfect wine and art pairing, and perhaps purchase an artwork or two.

Art pieces are displayed throughout the hotel, Image supplied

Spier Hotel makes for such an incredible getaway because of the number of activities one can get up to without having to leave the wine estate. From relaxing spa treatments out on the terrace to a fresh dip in the pool, have a picnic in the garden or go for the ultimate wine-tasting experience. With the hotel being able to cater for so many people, this also makes it a great venue for functions since all your guests will be well taken care of.

Take a dip in the pool to cool off after a warm summer day, Image supplied

Spier are currently running a few summer specials that include many extras so be sure to book your stay with them