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Watch: Celebrate Heritage Day with These Delicious Local Recipes

From creamy milk tart to cow heels, there are so many Heritage Day dishes on offer

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By House & Garden South Africa | September 21, 2023 | Video

What is the best way to learn about people from different cultures? Through traditional food of course. The same way we learn about a nation’s history from centuries-old art, food lifts the lid on the history of the ingredients used to create delicious traditional dishes.

From pap en vleis to potato salad, Heritage Day meals are a celebration of South Africa’s cultural wealth. This day is a day of dressing up in traditional garb, playing African beats, and coming together with our cultural traditions, communities and heritage. There are hundreds of dishes served by South Africa’s multiple heritage groups, here some of our favourite dishes to enjoy with friends and family on the 24th of September.

Peppermint Crisp Tart

There are few dishes in South Africa that are loved by everyone. Peppermint Crisp chocolate is rarely eaten on its own, but it will always find a home in a delicious, creamy peppermint crisp tart. Crumble little pieces of Peppermint Crisp for extra crunch, of course.

@letsbaketogether0 Peppermint Crisp fridge tart: 2 packet tennis biscuits 500ml whipping cream /cream fresh 1 can (360g) caramel treat 150 g peppermint crisp chocolate Place in fridge to set for a few hours or overnight!! Enjoy #SAMA28 #fypシ゚viralシ #viralditiktok #tiktok #fyp #fypシ #foryou #fyp #dessert #dessertrecipe #southafricatiktok🇿![CDATA[]]>🇦 #baking #viral #viralvideo ♬ Dubula by HarryCane x Master kg x Dj LaTimmy - HarryCane

Silky Milk Tart

This no-bake milk tart needs no introduction. But, the best part about making milk tart for a Heritage Day dessert is that it’s a no-bake dish, making it perfect for days when load shedding is particularly worse than usual. Take your cinnamon sprinkle to the next level by cutting out stencils to create unique millk tart art.

@tasty_on_my_table NO BAKE MILK TART Milk tart, also known as Melktert, is a traditional South African dessert that consists of a sweet pastry crust filled with a rich and creamy custard made from milk, sugar, eggs, and flour. It is garnished with cinnamon, and has a smooth, velvety texture and a sweet flavour. This no bake recipe uses @bakersbiscuits Nuttikrust biscuits for the base - no oven needed. To make your biscuit base, you will need: 300g @bakersbiscuits Nuttikrust biscuits 120g butter - melted Custard filling 1 litre milk 1 cinnamon stick 2 tbsp butter 2 tbsp flour 3 tbsp cornstarch 2 tsp vanilla essence 1 cup sugar 3 eggs Garnish 3 tbsp ground cinnamon ~Crush your biscuits until fine and mix in your melted butter. ~Mix until well combined and add to a greased pie dish. ~Press your biscuit mixture down using a spoon and refrigerate until needed. ~To make your custard filling, heat up your milk with a cinnamon stick and butter. ~In a bowl, add in your flour, cornstarch, vanilla essence, sugar, and eggs. Whisk well. ~Add to your milk mixture, whisking continuously to avoid any lumps forming. As your mixture thickens, remove off the heat. ~Pour your custard into your pie dish and refrigerate overnight. ~Dust over with cinnamon and enjoy! #TastyOnMyTable #HeritageMonth #MelkTert #MilkTart #NoBakeMilkTart #Recipes #FoodBlog #Dessert ♬ original sound - ELLIE BANKE

Delicious Amanqina or Cow Heels

Take your pap en vleis to the next level with this delicious meaty treat. In addition to meat on the braai, add slow-cooked Amanqina, aka cow heels to your pap and vegetables for a delicious protein.

@life_with_lerato Happy heritage day 🇿![CDATA[]]>🇦#liveheritage #lifewithlerato #cowheelsrecipe #africanfood #southafricanfood #tiktoksa ♬ SETE (feat. Young Stunna & Blxckie) - K.O

Braai Pie

The best part about South African Heritage Day recipes is they use so many simple, widely available supermarket ingredients. Braai Pie is both a dish of convenience and the unknown because it can use ingredients readily available at home or any flavour you feel like experimenting in. Braai Pie is also a great way to create unique vegetarian meals for Heritage Day.

@twodadsandakid It’s South African #HeritageDay weekend, you mos know that means Braai Braai Braai né. Here’s a delicious #cheesypilchardpie recipe worth trying. I’m sure you and your family will enjoy too! #ad #foodiesoftiktok #msanzifoodie ♬ Fun african ethnic music - Jun Naotsuka

Hearty Fish Curry

Fish curry is always a burst of vibrant Indian curry flavours. Grated tomatoes makes the sauce super smooth, and using salmon adds its own unique flavour (but you can substitute any other seafood). Make it extra comforting with naan, roti, or chapati.

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