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4 Lighting Ideas for your Outdoor Patio, Perfect For Summer Entertainment

If there is one item that can spruce up your outdoor area, it’s outdoor lighting

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By Edwain Steenkamp | September 29, 2023 | Design

While sitting outside in the summer sun is its own blissful moment, lest not forget mood lighting while enjoying warm summer nights outdoors. Outdoor lighting is an easily overlooked accessory to an outdoor area and patio, but can make one of the biggest impacts of creating a certain atmosphere.

High Standards

Outdoor pendant lights are, in a word, divine. They draw the eyes upwards, helping elevate the rest of your outdoor design, as is illustrated here by the iconic Monsieur Tricto outdoor pendants by Tribù, available at Marlanteak.

Guiding Light

Placed strategically, lanterns make for both a beautiful and practical addition to any outdoor space, especially to highlight architectural features in the garden. Pictured here, classic ‘Lumo’ lanterns by Manutti available thorugh Plaisir du Jardin.

‘Lumo’ lanterns by Manutti. Image: supplied

Shine On

Living in South Africa, lights are a commodity. Luckily, solar-powered outdoor lights like these ‘Glow’ lanterns available at Hertex Haus make for the perfect solution, no matter to status of loadshedding.

‘Glow’ lanterns by Hertex Haus. Image: supplied

Status Symbol

Outdoor lighting has often (and wrongfully) been placed into the most pragmatic of design boxes. As is shown by these ‘Satellite’ floor lights by Gubi, an overlooked wall can become an instant show-stopper.

‘Satellite’ floor lights by Gubi. Image: supplied