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How to Refresh your Outdoor Patio to Entertain Guests this Summer

Create a positive energy throughout your outdoor areas by replacing clutter with a focus on natural elements

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By House & Garden South Africa | September 13, 2023 | Interiors

Depending on which part of the country you find yourself in, the warmer weather has either rolled in or still on the horizon. But this means preparing for peak summertime entertainment starts now, and starts with creating a peaceful and happy space that is perfect for al fresco entertainment. Whether you have a large patio to host large garden gatherings or a smaller space for intimate drinks, your outdoor area is a great place to enjoy the summer sun by reflecting your authentic style. The key to creating the perfect outdoor area is marrying the natural elements of the outside world with comforting objects that make a house feel like a home.

Spruce up your table and chairs

If you have outdoor furniture that has to stay outside throughout colder and wet weather, a great way to bring them back to life in time for summer is with a wash of fresh paint. Paint your chairs vibrant colours to bring excitement and energy to your outside space, or opt for softer shades to create a tranquil space. Adding plush cushions for outdoor chairs and benches also elevates your time outside, especially if they are a fun print to complement your colourful furniture.

Use Gravel for a low maintenance garden and flow

You can literally create an entirely different vibe to your patio and garden by rearranging furniture and changing the flow of the space itself. If you have a garden in your backyard, using gravel and larger stones to create pathways can transform the entire flow of both a walkway and a low maintenance garden. Introducing gravelled paths is a small way to introduce a new layer of low maintenance gardening to your backyard in addition to bringing potted plants.

Introducing gravel to your backyard can create a new flow and low maintenance gardening. Image via pexels

Brighten a space with colourful pot planters

For an easy plant idea, you don’t necessarily need to turn to colour, flowering plants, but an array of colourful pots and vessels for any low-maintenance plants. If don’t want to wait for Spring to roll around once a year for your plants to flower, then opt for pots that are colourful, cheerful, and reflect the summer mood year-round.

Opting for colourful pots over plants that only flower in the spring will ensure your outdoor area is evergreen and always bright. Image via unsplash

Up your lighting game via solar lighting

The best part about spreading some solar-powered lights around your outdoor area like lanterns, fairy lights, and lamps is you don’t have to do anything but place them in the best spot for perfect lighting. Despite popular belief, lighting is just as important to entertaining outdoors as it is inside. Also, they take out the hassle of installing outdoor lighting with wiring and plugs. Today there are so many options for solar-powered lighting beyond the classic solar jars like fabulous silicone lanterns and brightly coloured table lamps.

Solar-powered lighting easily illuminates your outdoor space for summer entertainment without the hassle of installing lighting. Image via Unsplash.