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9 Simple Tips on Designing a Traditional Maximalist Space With Style

Learn how to use print and colour to create decadent, over-the-top interiors like legendary designer Alidad M

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By House & Garden | June 25, 2024 | Design

In another edition of ‘Designer Do’s and Dont’s’ where the world’s top design visionaries guide you on where to take your next design project. Today, we explore Alidad's dos and don'ts of decorating, where the legendary interior designer shares his principles for decorating.

Do make sure you consider the orientation of your room

If it is north facing don’t aim for a sunny and bright room, as you will likely be disappointed.

Think about function

It is incredibly important to anticipate the function of the room and the traffic that will be flowing through. A room that simply looks beautiful but has no functionality will never be timeless.

Don't forget storage

It is a common mistake to not consider storage and focus entirely on aesthetics. When designing your house make sure there is storage in the right places, no matter how small. Otherwise, you will have to add it later and often there is no room and it is much more difficult to do.

Do start with a rough furniture layout

I like to place the main sofa first and then add the chairs and tables. Think about where the lamps will go so that your sockets are all in the right place, and make sure you always have a spare socket for a hoover, ideally near the entrance.

Don't be afraid of pattern

If you like patterns but are worried about where to start, cover your sofa and some of the chairs in plain fabrics and add patterns in the form of cushions, throws and lampshades.

Don't be too matchy

Colours and patterns don’t need to completely match, as long as the overall look works. Include textures like the odd chenille cushion or velvet throw; this will make your room cosy and inviting.

Do scale up

Don’t be afraid of going large with the scale when selecting patterns or the size of your furniture. If you want to make a small room feel bigger or higher, fill it with over-scaled patterns and furniture.

Don’t be afraid of mixing different periods of furniture

If you look at the interiors of stately homes, they are always filled with inherited furniture from different generations creating an evolved look.

Do avoid trends

If you are looking for a timeless look don’t be too influenced by the current trends. If you do your house will quickly become outdated, and you will have to change the decoration every few years.

This story originally appeared on House & Garden UK.

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