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SAOTA Bags Major Nomination At World Architecture Festival

SAOTA’s Silver Mountain project named as a finalist at the 2023 World Architecture Festival

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By Edwain Steenkamp | November 30, 2023 | Architecture

SAOTA’s Silver Mountain project was named as a finalist at the prestigious 2023 World Architecture Festival (WAF).

Silver Mountain is a private residence nestled at the foothills of Aspen Hills, offering vistas of the Roaring Fork River, the Ajax Mountain Range, and the Aspen Ski Mountain Range.

Image: by SAOTA

The architectural composition of the house embodies three defining elements: at the core of its design concept lies the striking tilted roof mass, meticulously shaped to harmonise with the surrounding topography. Inspired by the mountain scape, the roof sculpture emerges as a captivating fusion of form and landscape, creating a visually cohesive connection.

The house features programmatic boxes crafted from monolithic stone, accompanied by an angled floating roof delicately suspended above these masses. Supported by sculptured pillars, these architectural elements serve dual purposes, functioning as fireplaces while providing an aesthetically pleasing and structurally defining framework.

Image: by SAOTA
Image: by SAOTA

Amplifying the sense of being nestled within a cavernous environment enveloped by towering deciduous trees synonymous with Aspen, the house adopts a dark palette and employs natural materials such as stone, wood, and patinated metal. Charred timber is used on the exterior to withstand the harsh environment, whilst on the interior and underside of the roof the natural character of the timber is revealed as it is less exposed to the elements. This selection of materials reinforces the organic atmosphere, seamlessly integrating the residence with its surroundings.

Through the synthesis of these elements, Silver Mountain achieves a remarkable architectural language, captivating viewers with its interplay between design, site, and natural elements and their sculptural roof that acts as a lens to the mountainous landscape beyond.