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Watch: The World's Largest Spherical Building is a Mesmerizing Experience

The Sphere in Las Vegas is the newest music venue seen and heard round the globe

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By House & Garden South Africa | October 13, 2023 | Architecture

The Sphere is the latest music venue to open up on Las Vegas’s world-famous ‘Strip’ of casinos, hotels, and luxury shops. But, few come close to the extravaganza that is the 360° experience of the Sphere, which can be seen from all corners of Las Vegas. The building itself is essentially a dome, covered in LED light bulbs with images that change according to the season, holidays, and events that are being held from within the Sphere. Since opening in September 2023, there have been a plethora of trippy, creepy, and beautiful scenes projected inside and out the Sphere. Not only is the Sphere coined ‘the biggest sphere in the world’, but it is estimated to have cost $2.3 billion.

The Sphere’s immersive sound is the most advanced concert-grade audio system in the world, using 3D audio ‘beam-forming’ technology and wave field synthesis to deliver targeted, crystal-clear and uniform audio to every seat in the house. From opening night, to celebrating the Halloween season on the horizon, these are some of the House & Garden SA’s favourite picks from the Sphere’s wrap-around LED display.

The Sphere in Las Vegas, Nevada has a seated capacity of 17,600 people, which goes up to 20,000 capacity with Standing Room. Image: Sphere Entertainment.

Opening Night: U2 Takes the Sphere Stage

The Sphere opened on 29 September with a U2 performance which spanned to Sphere’s 168, 000 speakers. From a desert mirage to a flurry of feathers, the U2 concert on opening night was seen and heard round the world from the audience in the crowd. It’s hard to decide which was more magical: the music performed by U2 or the visuals that accompanied their performance.

@rallyreels LAS VEGAS SPHERE 😮 #sphere #lasvegassphere #u2 #concert #u2concert #spherelasvegas ♬ Gentle and warm background piano(1262846) - Noru

All eyes on you

Perhaps one of the more creepier displays on the Sphere is this giant eyeball that blinks throughout the night. The eyeball’s voyeuristic glare feels like a strange reminder that someone is always watching you.



♬ original sound - Sphere

Getting in the spooky spirit

There is nothing more American than the build up to Halloween, so it’s not surprising that the Sphere would have its own spooky Halloween-themed display. A classic jack-o-lantern illuminates the Sphere’s exterior for October, but what will they do in the future for other holidays? Perhaps a snow globe to ring in the festive season, or a rotating globe to mark the New Year celebrated around the world.

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Experience a ‘postcard from Earth’

It’s not often that we get to experience wildlife from the perspective of its smallest inhabitants. This visual of African wildlife will make you do a double tap before you realise its a display on the thousands of LED lights of the Las Vegas Sphere.

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Fish out of water

The Sphere’s visuals are nothing short of magical, thanks to its baseball-sized LED lights. But there is something so magical about feeling like you are underwater and enveloped by a school of fish.


You’ll have to sea it to believe it 🌊

♬ original sound - Sphere