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Explore creativity at this compelling fine art exhibition in Cape Town

Be sure to add Memoirs of Light exhibition to your list in March

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By House & Garden South Africa | February 24, 2023 | Art

A compelling new fine art exhibition, “Memoirs of Light” opens in March in Cape Town. The exhibition features Leica Ambassador, Ramzi Mansour, along with acclaimed father and daughter artist duo, Martin and Samantha Lee Osner, and will present 18 new artworks on show for the first time. The exhibition aims to run from 18 March – 8 April 2023 at The Argyle in Woodstock.

The exhibition’s name makes reference to the themes that run through the artworks in the collection, all of which embody a timelessness and ethereal quality. The evocative pieces allude to memories and recollections of yesterday and to reminiscences of people and places, from the past.

Commenting on the collection and the inspiration behind the works, Mansour said: “I feel really centred about where I find myself in my work in this exhibition. I challenged myself to move beyond my signature black and white photography to incorporate mixed media. My aim was to create pieces that would showcase the raw vulnerability of the human condition through a modern female aesthetic and ultimately to tell the story of hope through light,” he explains. “This has been my own personal journey of growth and evolution, both as a photographic artist and as a human being.”

Despite the differing styles and interpretations of the theme by each artist, there is a common thread which runs through all pieces – emotional and honest expressions of moments of transcendence, along with an illuminating quality of light.

“My exhibition is an exploration of life, moments of hope and joy that mysteriously remain etched in our subconscious for a reason,” explained Martin Osner. “Timeless memoirs etched deep in our subconscious matured and sugar-coated in nostalgia for positive recollection. It is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is still a silver lining. These memories are a testament to the power of hope and the resilience of the human spirit.”

Adding to this, Samantha Osner said: “The artworks I will be exhibiting is about humanity and nature. It's about the insignificance of personal struggles in the grand scheme of life and the simplicity and serenity of nature. I am exploring the relationship between humanity and nature. I want to highlight the insignificance of personal struggles in the grand scheme of life and appreciate the simplicity and serenity of nature.”