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Curious about permaculture farming? Here's how to start learning about this agricultural topic

If you’d like to take your gardening skills to another level, consider exploring the world of permaculture

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By Alyxandra Carolus | February 20, 2023 | Gardens

There’s nothing quite like diving right into a new hobby or passion project as the year begins. If you’ve conquered the idea of having an indoor jungle and have really stepped up your gardening skills - it might be time to pursue gardening beyond just your apartment space. As we’re all aware about the impact of climate change on our planet, there’s a growing need have more sustainable practices. Permaculture (permanent + culture) is a growing movement and focuses on growing food in an eco-friendly, community-focused sustainable way.

To put it in simple terms, permaculture aims to produce food in a manner that doesn’t deplete the natural resources, while also building community. If you’ve ever been curious enough to start a veggie or composting patch in your home but also want to try your hand at volunteering at a community garden, then we’ve rounded up some options for you.


Established in 1998 and growing from strength to strength, SEED is an organisation that has a long history with community gardening and permaculture. The Rocklands Abundance Centre, based in Mitchell’s Plain serves as a headquarters. The organisation offers 12 week training courses for those who are serious about building a community garden and meet likeminded people who are interested in building sustainable gardening skills that can be shared with others. You can visit their social media or official site for more information on the courses and offerings available

Rebel Earth

Founded by Deborah Weissenberg, Rebel Earth is fuelled by the passion for healthy, nutritious food and in response to our ongoing water scarcity. If you’d like to start growing your own produce at home but don’t have the space or the ideal environment, why not consider getting one of Rebel Earth’s Earth Pods? The pods provide a controlled environment for your vegetation to thrive, and has a custom designed hoop that allows for light to enter but is deterring to bugs that’ll eat your plants.

The official site explains that an EarthPod™ is a large, raised-bed garden. It contains layered compost, organic materials, soil, and other natural nutrients. It’s a way to keep your garden thriving no matter your own environment.

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