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5 pretty plants and greenery for your dull lit office environment

The office is not always filled with natural sunlight, however we have 5 plant options for you that can still grow and thrive in these poorly lit environments

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By Yashna Balwanth | January 20, 2023 | Gardens

You are not always going to be an office that is filled with plenty of windows, lots of natural light and perfectly fresh air. The reality for many is that your cubicle in the corner along with windows that don’t open due to the building height and therefore airconditioned air is what we encounter. Plants don’t tend to do too well when it comes to these type of environments, however, there are a few that truly thrive in these conditions.

1. ZZ Plant

The scientific name, Zamioculus zamifolia, is most commonly referred to as the ZZ plant and can also be referenced as a cousin to the succulents. A ZZ plant grows best in low light and with little water, making it the perfect plant for the office space. Their hardy leaves stay evergreen and the plant is a native to Africa, so bonus for being a local! It really is great plant for those that are not the best with keeping plants alive as it requires little to no effort with aftercare.

A zz plant as it is commonly referred to, Image Unsplash

2. Philodendron Plant

When it comes to philodendrons, there are so many species and types. Their large and glossy leaves add a beautiful touch to the grey and white office walls. They generally grow to their pot size, so if you would like to keep your plant on the smaller size, keep a pair of scissors handy to trim it down and avoid an overgrown situation. If you would like it to grow to a bigger size though, try including a totem pole down the centre for the plant to creep up to while it flourishes.

A popular choice, the philodendron, Image Unsplash

3. Pothos Plant

A plant that loves to grow in abundance, pothos leaves are beautifully heart-shaped and bright green in colour. Great for hanging or placed higher up as the leaves and vines cascade to the floor, this plant is easy to look after, making you look like a gardening pro. It seems as if the plant has also learnt to adapt with any light source as even fluorescent lights will do th trick to have your plant grow wild and free.

Pothos plants are great as hanging options, Image Unsplash

4. Peace Lily Plant

A peace offering is always good to have ready on-hand when conflict occurs, and sometimes it just takes some flowers to brighten the mood. The peace lily is known to symbolise hope, healing as well as peace and are great starter plants if you aren’t too good with keeping plants alive. Some filtered light does the plant well, and ensuring the soil is a bit damp also helps. The glossy leaves and white flowers are a treat to look at, but just beware they are toxic to animals so it’s best to keep them away or out of reach.

Flowers that are low maintenance are definitely peace lilies, Image Unsplash

5. Prayer Plant

While not the easiest plant to take care of, a prayer plant is easily defined by its beautiful markings across the leaves. They are also quite in interesting in the way they behave, laying open leafed during the day and folding up over night to resemble praying hands (hence the name). These plants do require regular watering and do best in room temperature spaces with low lighting required. They had a beautiful touch to any office desk and make for great gifts to colleagues if they have a few green fingers.

Known for its pretty leaf markings, the prayer plant is also a good option, Image Unsplash