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Here are the world’s most instagrammable low maintenance plants

House plants decorate the home by welcoming greenery, colour and life to dull spaces.

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By Sacha van Niekerk | January 3, 2022 | Gardens

According to Instagram statistics, these are the top seven most tagged plants on the app, a creative space for sharing stunning visuals.

Easy to care for and just as beautiful, you can enjoy the beauty of these indoor plants with minimal effort.

Seven of the easiest household plants to look after:


1 663 489 Instagram hashtags

The Philodendron is a genus of plants of the Araceae family, not a single plant, as many people believe. With beautiful leaves and flowers, Philodendron foliage is most commonly green, but variants can be coppery, crimson, or purplish too.

The leaves are broad and heart-shaped varying in, size and texture, depending on the species and maturity. Its popularity can be owed to its extremely low-maintenance nature, requiring little intervention to thrive indoors.

The hederaceum is one of the most favoured philodendron species. Whether you have green fingers or not, you won’t have difficulty deciphering the needs of this creeping, vine-like plant. Yellow leaves mean too much sunlight; the plant prefers indirect sun.

Droopy leaves could mean too much or too little ware – wait for the top 2.5 cm of soil to dry out between waterings. Small leaf growth means it is not receiving enough nutrients and it needs fertiliser.

Snake Plant

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With long, slender pointed leaves, vibrant green hue and yellow variegation, the snake plant is a popular choice for those who looking for something low maintenance.

Recognised for being one of the most resilient plants in the wild and indoors, the spikey leafed beauties require watering every two to eight weeks (drier months require more watering), low to medium light and do well in the dry stale air of offices or the humidity of bathrooms.

If kept away from air-conditioning drafts, they will be just fine in most temperatures that are comfortable for your needs. Placed on tables, desks and windowsills, they’re the perfect plant to add liveliness into the home or office.

Spider Plant

229 505 Instagram hashtags

Popular during the Victorian era, Spider plants have a fountain of long, thin, leaves that are either plain green or variegated with white stripes.

The house plants are easy to grow and look eye-catching in a hanging basket where their leaves cascade over the sides.

The requirements of a spider plant are straightforward: place the plant in a room with bright to moderate light and a temperature that is pleasant for everyone.

Maintain a slight moisture level in the soil. In the spring and summer, once-weekly watering is sufficient; in the winter, let the soil dry out a little more between watering.

Peace Lily

186 280 Instagram hashtags

Peace lilies grow in shade or partial shade, making them an excellent choice for spaces that don’t get as much natural light.

They can also withstand fluorescent lighting, so if you need a plant to brighten up your office desk, bathroom or kitchen, the peace lily is a fantastic choice.

Peace Lilies require weekly waterings, but their wilting leaves indicate that they need a little quenching.

During the colder months, you can water your plant only once every two weeks. Brown spots and yellow discolouration are signs of too much sun as this plant prefers medium, indirect sunlight

ZZ Plant

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ZZ plants have an elegant structure that starts large and round at the base and tapers to a fine point.

Along the stems of the plant are succulent-like, oval-shaped leaves that resemble bird feathers. ZZ’s survive even with neglect, so it's ideal for anyone who frequently travels or simply just forgets to water.

Between waterings, ZZ's soil needs to dry completely. You shouldn't water this plant too often because it has a highly effective system that retains moisture. While indirect bright light is preferable for a ZZ, it can also be happy in dim light.

Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera is known for its medicinal properties and oftentimes is a very useful plant to have on hand to treat anything from helping heal sunburns to soothing certain skin irritations.

Aloe vera plants are succulents, which means they have thick, waxy leaves with a fleshy interior that conserve water. Therefore it is critical not to overwater them, one should only do so only when the top few centimetres of compost have dried out.


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With its fleshy, oval-shaped leaves, the succulent has the appearance of a miniature tree, perfect for office desks and window ledges.

Commonly called a rubber plant, it prefers to be in soil with a good amount of moisture, so avoid placing it somewhere drying, such as near an aircon, heater or direct sunlight.

The rubber tree plant also needs the right balance of water, use a pinky finger to feel the moisture of the soil and water accordingly every five to six days.

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