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5 trendy floral arragements for springtime

Spring brings with it an assortment of colours and flowers.

By IOL Reporter | September 16, 2021 | Gardens

Spring flowers that are in season at this time of year:

  • Tulips, in all colours
  • Daffodils, Lilies, Roses (which are always in season)
  • Proteas and Pincushions (which are part of the protea family)
  • Sweet Williams, in pinks, mauves and white
  • Daisies, Sweet Peas
  • Arums

Trendy floral displays for spring:

Wildflower arrangements

Perfectly imperfect, wildflower arrangements are all about working with nature instead of against it to achieve a lush, overgrown-looking bouquet.

This trend is reminiscent of leisurely drives through the countryside, passing slender tufts of grass, scattered flowers and beautiful wildlife; a wild floral display is everything your Pinterest dreams are made of.

When putting the flowers together, pick those with stems that vary in height and bud size; don’t worry about colour co-ordination, the more random, the better. Break up the display with leafy foliage like ferns or yarrow.

Rustic baskets and posies

Perfectly in line with the emerging cottagecore trend, this style of arrangement uses a mixture of flowers that are colourful and diverse. They can be created according to varying tastes and placed in a basket to add a little rustic charm.

Wicker and straw baskets are a beautiful and unusual way to display flowers, especially if your home is more earth-toned and you are looking to steer away from glass vases as they may interfere with the warmth you’re trying to bring into your home.


Uniformed floral arrangements are on the rise, possibly due to the Kardashian/Jenner clan, who flaunt pristine floral bouquets in lavish vases every time they get the chance. Floral centrepieces or arrangements of this kind are all one variety in the same colour and height.

The overall look is super chic and classy, perfect for modern home decor that strives to be cohesive and minimalist. Pick a neutral shade (white or light pink or something bolder for a pop of colour in your home, but ultimately, these flowers will not interfere with your decor theme.

70s inspired psychedelics

New York-based celebrity stylist, Samantha Brown, shared in an interview with Insider that the 70s will be making yet another return to fashion this year, and it’s really no surprise that the trend is encompassing decor now too.

Flower power was all the rage in the 70s, which is an era in fashion and decor that has re-emerged in a big way in 2021. These floral arrangements put being vibrant and full of life with unique shapes and colours at the forefront.

To make the arrangement pop, use jewel-toned blossoms for some contrast and wedge in green foliage to complete. A tall, opaque vase to show off the blooms will complement the look very well.


Minimalism is a decor trend inspired by the notion of less is more. Colours, decor, furniture and lighting are all streamlined to complement one another and remove the appearance of visual and literal clutter.

Slender sunflowers, proteas, foliage or colours of one singular hue perfectly exemplify what this trend is about. The idea is to display the beauty of the flowers themselves without overwhelming the bouquet with too much colour, texture or variety. Simply pick one element and allow it to shine through.