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Mom of 1 who loves sustainable art turns glass bottles into amazing home decor

These sustainable art pieces are made with tons of love, with each bottle design unique and colourful

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By Kauthar Gool | April 20, 2023 | Art

Art comes in many different shapes and forms and has the ability to heal both the artist and anyone who experiences it. Maggie Yona-Abrams is a mother from Hartbeespoort Dam in the North West province who has been creating unique art pieces from upcycled bottles since 2019.

After losing her job in 2020, the creative became more invested in her craft and eventually started a business called Deco Bottle Art, marketing her beautiful pieces on Instagram. “I initially started collecting unique glass bottles and painted art on them as a hobby,” said Maggie.

Maggie Yona-Abrams has always had a love for art and décor. Image: Supplied.

The 42-year-old explained that she has always had a love for art, with her father offering encouragement and insisting that her talents would make her very rich. “Art has been my passion from a young age. Nobody taught me how to draw or paint, it was always just a talent I had. I also go to online tutorials to improve my skills as I am constantly exploring different media,” she lamented.

Maggie and her family members also have a great love for sustainability and go green wherever possible. “I wanted to create art whilst tackling the issues of environmental pollution, which I've always been passionate about. I found that glass bottles were the perfect medium to create beautiful home decorative pieces whilst upcycling a common product we all throw away once we no longer need it,” the mom added.

Maggie now has a full-fledged business and notes that she draws inspiration from everywhere. “My inspiration depends on the seasons I am experiencing in my life. From the love of nature, beautiful landscapes, and scenery, to food, animals, fashion, and just about everything.”