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7 fantastic DIY tips from mom of 1 who makes stunning furniture from wood

This mother of one has helpful tips for people who are embarking on their DIY journeys and teaches them to make furniture from scratch

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By Kauthar Gool | April 17, 2023 | Diy

Before July 2021, Ndivhuwo Nelwamondo-Dlamini was a mom who had never so much as held a power tool, with thoughts of embarking on a DIY journey of a lifetime never crossing her mind. However, after she, her husband, and their young daughter moved into a new home, the Johannesburg resident put her shoulder to the wheel and learnt everything she could about crafting exquisite and unique furniture pieces.

The mother of one is a self-taught DIY aficionado and explains that she made 90% of the furniture in her home, including the beds, patio furniture, shelves, tables, desks, and more. “As I started my journey, I watched many international DIY videos and realised there was a market for South Africans to produce step-by-step tutorials on how to make gorgeous pieces from scratch,” Nelwamondo-Dlamini said.

Now, the 30-year-old posts helpful videos on social media, teaching people how to make furniture and other basic DIY tricks. If you’re just starting your DIY journey, the content creator has shared some useful, beginner-friendly tips.

Tip 1: Re-use old furniture

Do not throw away your older furniture pieces. If your items are in a reasonable condition, they can always be refurbished and used again. A fresh coat of paint and a few tweaks can transform your old furniture into exquisite pieces that can brighten up your home.

Tip 2: Purchase wood at the hardware store that is already cut

Using wood that has already been measured and cut will save you so much time, which is key, especially if you’re only just starting out and are not experienced at using power tools.

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Tip 3: Start small

Start with small, simple projects that are within your skill level. This will help you gain confidence and experience without risking injury by taking on tasks that are too advanced.

Tip 4: Do your research

Before starting a project, make sure you understand the tools and materials you'll be using. Read up on the project and watch tutorial videos to ensure you have a good understanding of what you need to do.

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Tips 5: Use safety equipment

Always wear appropriate safety equipment and apparel, such as gloves, eye protective glasses, and a mask when working with power tools or hazardous materials.

Tip 6: Take breaks

DIY projects can be physically and mentally demanding, so take breaks regularly to prevent fatigue and give yourself perspective during the more frustrating moments of the project.

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Tip 7: Ask for help

If you're unsure about something or feel overwhelmed, don't hesitate to ask for help from a friend or a professional. This is another important one, especially when you go to the hardware store. Please always ask for help and learn as much as possible.