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Make your bed like a pro with these TikTok tips

Changing your bedding doesn’t have to be a chore with these great suggestions

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By Alyxandra Carolus | March 26, 2023 | Diy

The easiest way to make a room feel brand new is changing up your bedding or the way you make up your bed. Whether you prefer linen bedding or just want to reset the way your bedroom feels, this is the season to do it. And while you don’t have to overthink making up a bed, there are ways to ensure it feels a little like a hotel room. If you’re in the mood to learn a few new tips for your room, we’ve rounded a couple of easy ways you can make your bed like an expert.

Your fitted sheet is key

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The first part to having a smooth and taut room is in part due to the kind of fitted sheet you use. Whether it’s linen, a cotton blend or a bamboo type of sheet, you can pick the fabric that works well for you.

It’s all about the fold

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A crisp fold is what makes it look as pulled together as possible, from the sheet to the bedding. You can choose to fold your duvet cover over to create that chic hotel look. Pro-tip: you can lightly spray some water onto your fitted sheet to make light wrinkles disappear.

Make use of the burrito method

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Have you heard of this before? The burrito method (as outlined in the above TikTok by @wovennook) is about layering your duvet cover and your inner on top of each other. Essentially, you end up rolling both together so you don’t have to struggle with your duvet cover.