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Revamp your space with this fun maximalist decor trend all over social media

Cluttercore is here as many more people embrace the more is more philosophy

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By Alyxandra Carolus | March 22, 2023 | Interiors

There’s nothing like making your home feel as cosy as possible, especially when the temperatures drop. Recently, there’s been a return to more maximal spaces. People want their homes to feel lived in and surrounded by sentimental items. Enter cluttercore, the Gen Z aesthetic which centres the things you love and making space to display your intricate and time-worn collections. Even though it has a new name, this kind of decor style has existed prior to social media. It can feel chaotic to anyone looking in from the outside, but the whole point is that the space is meant to share what you love.

Here’s how to add more of this emerging trend to your home

Show off your collections

Cluttercore is about stuff, but it’s specifically showcasing things you love. There’s no shortage of items to show off, from beloved inherited china tea sets to bespoke figurine collections. Dust them off and display them on open shelves or in display cabinets

Get organised

Even though it’s all about showcasing “clutter”, that doesn’t mean you can’t be organised with it. Designated areas also help you know what’s actually in your home. Sort your collections out and organise them into piles that work for how you to organise.

Start small and move from there

If this trend feels super overwhelming, start with something simple. One way to incorporate the trend is picking out one gallery wall and showcasing your favourite images, prints or artworks. You can whether it works with your current look and home.