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Love proteas? Grow your own with these helpful hints

Although our national flower isn’t in season right now, learn more about how to grow them in your own garden

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By Alyxandra Carolus | October 29, 2023 | Gardens

South Africa’s biodiversity is something to behold, with our country being home to over 10% of the world’s plant species. Our national flower, the king protea is one that stands out, particularly for it’s ability to grow throughout the year, thrive in less nutrient-dense soil along with it’s unique root system.

There are many cool facts about the protea, but it’s also an incredible addition to any backyard or garden space. This plant is mostly evergreen but is known to thrive in autumn, winter and spring. They play an integral part in the fertilisation process, providing a food source for the pollinators.The first step is to make sure your garden space is set up to ensure that proteas would thrive there. You can consult your local garden centre to enquire about a soil analysis kit or hire a garden professional to help you pick the ideal spot to plant this hardy species.

While proteas are known for their adaptability to most environments, it’s important to give them the best chance to thrive, as they add a vital components to any garden’s ecosystem

If you already bought a protea and have planted in your garden, you could explore propagation. Protea cuttings are great gifts for any gardening friend or loved one.

Watch this full video below to get an idea of how you can propagate like pro

Have you successfully grown proteas in your garden? Hopefully these helpful hints ensure your garden (and green thumb) thrives.