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H&G It Yourself: Arrange flowers like a pro with these helpful tips from TikTok

Amp up your arrangements with these simple Tiktok tips you can easily start doing at home

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By Alyxandra Carolus | April 4, 2023 | Diy

Here at the House & Garden HQ - we love a good bloom or two. Flowers such a treat for the home, and always elevate a space. You can gift them to a loved one or even just gift a bunch to yourself on a monthly basis. Once you’ve figured out your favourite flower or two, getting to know how to arrange them makes the world of difference. It’s one thing to buy a store bought bunch, but getting to display them for maximum effect is key and really explores your own creativity.

@rachelchofloral Basic rose dome technique #roses #flowerhowto #flowertok #floristsoftiktok #flowerdiy #flowerarranging #rachelchofloral ♬ original sound - RachelCho

If you didn’t grow up in a home surrounded by avid gardeners or haven’t really pursued gardening before - flowers are a nice way to ease into the world of greenery. South Africa is renowned for our diverse and incredibly rich biodiversity, getting to work with our indigenous flowers really creates deeper appreciation for our fauna and flora. From proteas to fynbos, there’s greenery that’ll suit your tastes.

@foto.maedchen back to summer #flowers #flowertok #aesthetic #aesthetics #inspirational #fy #fyp #summer ♬ Disfruto - Carla Morrison

One way to polish your skills is through taking a floral arrangement class, whether in-person or online. If you’re not ready for the full on commitment of a class, you can start doing some research online and garner some tips from social media. A helpful place to start is TikTok or Instagram and there are several content creators who share easy ideas that you can implement as soon as you get your next bunch of blooms.

Have a look at some of the TikToks below that share useful tips you can do with pretty much any type of flower:

@farahjmerhi Fresh flower arrangement for the new year! #flowerarrangement #diy #howto #learnontiktok #floraldesign ♬ Supermodel - Ru Paul
@foxcraftcustom There are so many beautiful and simple arrangements you can make with these! I usually just use it for flower clippings and I love it so much #flowerarrangement #flowergarden #ikebana #PlantLover #flowerdesign #weddingvibes ♬ original sound - Liz Fox Roseberry