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5 romantic and dreamy bedrooms to inspire your next update

With so much love in the air, consider romanticising your bedroom with these inspirational looks

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By Yashna Balwanth | February 8, 2023 | Bedroom

1. A touch of darkness

Set the mood with terracotta tones and rich maroons for your bedroom to amplify the romance. If darker bedrooms appeal to you more, consider the monochrome bedroom look from the wall colour to the bedding and furniture. Vary the shades slightly and you’ve created a sultry look to update your space without overpowering the bedroom.

2. Keep your head in the clouds

Wallpaper can easily be applied to your ceiling instead and not just the walls along the side. As you lay in bed, consider installing a dreamy wallpaper of the night sky, clouds or a starry evening across the entire ceiling to capture a mood that emphasizes the romantic side of your bedroom. Keep the rest of your decor fairly neutral and toned down so the feature ceiling can speak for itself.

Wallpaper the ceiling in a cloud-like mural to create the dreamy appeal, Photograph: Mickey Hoyle

3. Lighten up the mood

Lighting has the ability to change a room from dark and dramatic to soft and romantic. Keeping different lighting sources in your bedroom not only add to the layers of lighting, but also enhances the ambience. There are the basic types of lighting that each room should generally follow, however, when it comes to romanticising the bedroom, ambient lighting provides the perfect amount of illumination without the glare, adding all the feelings of cosiness and warmth.

Lighting can set the mood of a bedroom from soft and subtle to intense and bright, Photograph: Sarah de Pina

4. Florals add a softer touch

Floral motifs have the ability to soften a room, whether used as wallpaper, bedding, scatter cushions or real flowers on your bedside table. The romantic and subtle feels floral images offer certainly have a way of relaxing the mind to provide a beautiful bedroom. Be mindful in how flowers are used in the room to avoid them becoming overbearing and overly chaotic with clashing colours and too many patterns. The bedroom should be a space for you to retreat and relax in so adding subtle floral touches here and there will romanticize the space in the best way possible.

Flowers have a way of softening a room whether using real buds or printed patterned wallpaper, Photograph: Greg Cox

5. Rich fabrics speak volumes

From our five senses, touch is probably one of the biggest, especially when it has to do with our homes. Soft rugs, lush blankets and padded headboards all add a warming feel to the bedroom that we can’t help but want to physically touch with our hands. These rich fabrics and textures all offer a dreamy feel to the space helping create a romantic bedroom for you and your loved one.

Warmer shades with warmer wooden tones create a luxury bedroom that is dreamy and romantic, Photograph: Michael P.H. Clifford