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H&G It Yourself: How to decorate with fabric and wallpaper

In this instalment of H&G It Yourself we take show you a first look at the latest fabric, wallpaper and rug collections

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By Piet Smedy | August 5, 2022 | Interiors

In this instalment of H&G It Yourself we take show you a first look at the latest fabric, wallpaper and rug collections.

Hertex Harlequin

Japanese Ink/Origami

The latest from lauded house harlequin revisits the free-flowing kineticism and abstract, graphic nature of traditional calligraphy in the ‘Enigmatic’ range. Alive with movement, the large-scale brush strokes of ‘Enigmatic’ twist and turn on a ground of embossed vinyl, making it both timeless yet undeniably contemporary. The design is available in two colourways: the monochrome Japanese Ink/Origami (pictured) and nectar/awakening, an ultraluxe gold finish.

Home Fabrics Arte

Terra Tropicana

Each design in Arte’s Décors & Panoramiques collection is as transporting as the next, immersing you in a fantastical landscape – maybe a scene from ancient mythology, a field of flamingos or even the thick greenery of the amazon. Pictured above, ‘Terra Tropicana’ in golden sunset shows a fiery Brazilian dance, full of rhythm and connection with nature. And it is not only the patterns and designs that appeal to the imagination, but the materiality and craftsmanship invite a new level of tactile surprise, featuring velvety soft silks, bouclé fabrics and linen effects.

Mavromac Gatehouse Creative Lab

Maui wallpaper in blue

Bright colours and whimsical designs are the hallmarks of Dutch wallpaper and stationery studio creative Lab Amsterdam, available locally through Mavromac & Gatehouse. Founded in 2016, the brand’s elegant, original designs are often inspired by abstract concepts and emotions and are always brightly executed using only the highest quality materials. The 2021/22 collection – including the ‘Maui’ wallpaper in blue – features a playful cast of animals and plant motifs, lovingly drawn with an ever-so-stylish, nostalgic feel.

Herringbone Custom Rug design

Herringbone Custom Rug design

Sourced by herringbone rugs owner Sarah Craig, each piece is handwoven in the village of Aguelmous, in the Khénifra region of Morocco, using prized wool from the throat and neck of local sheep, which gives a uniquely pearlescent lustre, and specially washed for unmatched softness. Herringbone offers a bespoke service, with the design of each piece fully customisable and available in an extensive array of colourways, from neutrals and moody hues to coral, acid green and canary yellow.

Summer House Miami Collection

Summer House Miami collection

Constantly at the cutting-edge, Summer House is a boutique wallpaper design studio focusing on high quality, handmade, design-forward wall coverings. By collaborating with artists, designers and illustrators, the brand foregrounds creativity and keeps the range of products fresh and current while its attention to quality ensures a high-end, polished finish. With a global audience, Summer House designs have cameoed in beautiful homes, glamorous hotels and sophisticated offices worldwide – thanks mainly to its eclectic range of designs and timeless approach to pattern. Inspiration for its prints comes from myriad sources – from the organic and ubiquitous beauty found in nature to the graphic lines and striking silhouettes of architecture or the historic appeal of archival imagery. Summer House seeks out new sources of visual inspiration and fresh talent to ensure it continues to innovate and finds new ways to bring your walls to life. Designs are available in multiple colourways, but there is also a custom-design service for those looking for something entirely bespoke.

St Leger & Viney Mind the gap

Woodstock Lifestyle Interior 34 with Incantation Dark Wallpaper

As part of Mind the gap’s newly launched Woodstock range of wallpapers (which are created in Transylvania), ‘Incantation’ in dark offers a glimpse into the enchanted and esoteric, where fantastical birds, ornamented horses and mythical dragons’ parade through otherworldly gardens.