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The fabric and design trends that offer escapism from the instability of the outside world

In this new normal, people need their own spaces, where they can spend time with family and friends, and also to work and recharge

By IANS | July 11, 2022 | Interiors

This fuelled people's inclination towards buying and upgrading their homes, giving their spaces a pleasant look as they continue to spend more time at home.

The post-pandemic period created a gamut of inspirations for styles to develop as people continue to keep the home as the centre of their life, especially during the new work from the home era.

Moreover, the very definition of "new" has changed in perception for the consumers, businesses and industry as all are revisiting the existing systems and ways of working. Home-living has become the very escapism theme from the instability of the outside world as people seek their homes as a natural refuge of calm and peace.

Design, today, has gradually become the solution to the problems of individuals by providing the ambience of comfort in the hectic pace of life. Home textiles and fabric trends tend to appear every year as they keep us interested in amping up the interiors.

Newman Newbury, photographed by Greg Cox

However, they have evolved to form multi-purpose and practical structures influenced by the individual's personality and environment where colours and technology play an active role. Adding 'fab' to the world of fabrics, we discover cosy comforts, playful choices, and luxurious upgrades with textures that add depth and dimension resulting in what we will ultimately be known as "mine" / "ours".

A range of trends for 2022 will see the personality of the individual, keeping minimalism at the core, with nature and earthly tones seeping quietly into one's abode, while an exotic influence of geometric patterns and greener visuals will set a clear statement for the months ahead.


Creating dimension and consistency to the room, textures will play a key role in how cosy a space feels, so expect to see lots of plush textures in 2022.

The Colony Hotel, photographed by Carmel Brantley
  • Exotic floral patterns:
  • Nature's earthy call of tones:
  • Evergreen Greeneries:
  • Create drama with Geometrics:


Banda Design Studio , photographed by Ben Anders

Furnishing fabrics bring in artisanal craftmanship, adding character to the room. 2022 will have a magical trend of a range of materials on the horizon, from sheers to velvets and a fondness towards natural fibres.

  • The Sheer Fabric of all
  • Timely Velvets
  • High-Performance Fabric
  • As Light as A Feather Fabrics

Given that 2022 is the year to express one's Individuality, we expect home decor to be bolder, zestier, feminine, and majestic than ever before. People are more aware of their needs and what suits them best. Hence, there is a paradigm shift in the consumer's choices that are no longer influenced by the external factors but rather, the forces that ultimately "feature you" in your home. Every year, different trends power new steam in the fabric and design industry and this time ensuring a sustainable future will also be key.

Article originally apeared on IOL

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