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DIY: Fragrances to help the serotonin kick in when you’re feeling blue

How to add some charm to your sweet abode with intoxicating fragrances

By IANS | December 13, 2021 | Diy

Feeling blue? Add some charm to your sweet abode with intoxicating fragrances.

Enchanting and alluring aromas fill up any living space with joy and happiness, curating an ideal blend of sophistication and luxury for a tranquil atmosphere where you can sit and seek solace while sipping your favourite cuppa.

A motivating environment to recharge the day, or after a fully packed schedule of appointments, imagine entering your home to a smell that instantly boosts your energy. Soothing and transformative, perfumes add joy and a sense of comfort by invoking emotions.

Here are some addictive fragrances/aromatic oils you can use at your sweet abode to keep you in high spirits:


This is one of the highly valued fragrant woods widely used in perfumery and other cosmetics for its healing properties.

It has a captivating aroma and precious-woody scent imparting a long-lasting effect and its use can be traced back to thousands of years during the ancient civilisations. In aromatherapy, its oil is used to calm tired minds and enhance sleep quality.

Many studies suggest that its fragrance may help in alleviating anxiety issues.

How to use it: Burn sandalwood incense in your living space

Picture: Unsplash


Native to tropical climates, the sweet, musky and spicy patchouli has been a fashion favourite for many.

It has an addictive strong base espoused with calming effects. Its oil is said to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety apart from treating various skin conditions.

How to use it: Rub a few drops of patchouli oil on a cloth and place it on your pillow before going to bed. Enjoy a relaxing sleep and wake up happy the next day.


The pleasant and camphor odour of Cedarwood is widely known for its grounding, protective energy. Its purifying fragrance helps in addressing feelings of safety and comfort that aids in emotional balance.

How to use it: You can sprinkle a few drops of cedar essential oil on tissue paper and smell it all day or use a mist bottle and spray it on dried flowers. Arrange/place them as per your home aesthetics and the aroma will slowly envelop in the air.


Known as the all-rounder and a miracle worker, Eucalyptus oil is not just celebrated for its medicinal properties but also works as an air purifier. Its woody and citrus notes can be addictive and used for relaxation. It is a natural disinfectant loaded with antibacterial, antiviral properties and can be used as a mosquito repellent too.

How to use it: Use it in your plug-in air freshener to make your living space smell luxurious all-day


The fruity and delicious orange is one of the most popularly used fragrances across the globe. The citrus aroma has a feel-good factor aiding in stress relief and boosting mood. You can create a cheerful and relaxing aura with a mild fragrance whenever you feel anxious.

How to use it: Pour a few drops of orange oil and fill the reservoir of your ceramic diffuser with adequate water. Place a tea light candle underneath and voila!

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The juicy yellow fruit is a household staple used both for culinary or non-culinary purposes. It has a distinctive creamy-citrus aroma with soothing attributes that can make you feel energised all day. The fragrance of lemon is healing and can aid in anxiety and symptoms of depression.

How to use it: Pillar candles have been a festive favourite to accentuate themed parties. However, you can use lemon-scented candles at any time of the day to enliven your space.


The delicate and sweet mandarin has notes of both tangy and fruity aroma, widely known for creating a happy aura. It has the sweetest aroma and is blissful that can aid in circulation, calm tired minds and also boost drained energy. Mandarin oil is widely used to purify the air.

How to use it: Pour a few drops of mandarin oil in an electric diffuser and the aromatic gas will slowly disperse in the air creating a soothing environment.


The sweet floral jasmine has a combination of rich woody note with an exotic fragrance. Known as an aphrodisiac scent, the charismatic jasmine is widely used to cure sorrowful minds, facilitating rest and uplifting energy.

How to use it: Use a few drops on a cloth and place it on your pillow before sleep. Have a relaxing night!

Picture: Jasmine flowers, Unsplash


The floral and fruity geranium has a hint of both spicy and soft note. In perfumery, geranium has a very close association with the queen of flowers, Rose due to their similar chemistry. The scent is known to create nostalgia in bringing back fond memories.

How to use it: Geranium oil can be used in several ways ranging from the aesthetics or theme of your home. For an inviting feel, place your diffuser at the entrance of the home and turn it on as required.


One of the most popular ingredients used in aromatherapy is lavender oil. Multiple studies reveal how lavender has helped promote wellness. It is associated with aiding in stress and anxiety relief. Has a delightful woody and floral aroma exuding an exotic feel.

How to use it: Add fragrance to your sweet abode with the spectacular smelling lavender. It can be used anywhere between, diffusers, candles or even in dried flowers as you like it.

Rupal Shabnam Tyagi is an Aromatherapy Practitioner, Perfumer & Organic Skincare Formulator and the founder of Wikka India.

This article originally appeared on IOL.