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7 Simple tricks to make your home feel more cheerful

India Whalley shares seven easy ways to brighten up your home now

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By Vogue UK | December 2, 2021 | Trends

India Whalley’s The Edition 94 boasts a cult following thanks to her edit of interiors gems, from ceramic shell lamps to Murano glass tumblers.

Whalley, who is also the founder of The Dot Project, describes her interiors style as “pretty and artisan-led” and works closely with every one of the makers whose wares she stocks.

Below, she shares seven easy ways to brighten up your home now – and support independent creatives in the process.

Take apart a floral arrangement

“I definitely prefer my floral arrangements to be a little more whimsical. I use bud vases a lot. Get a bunch of stems, cut some of them long and some of them short, and put a single bloom and a little greenery in each vase. It’s a wonderfully affordable way to make it feel like your house is full of flowers.”

Decorate with vintage books

“Vintage books are an easy way to make a room feel more characterful. I’ve got lots in the shop, including old encyclopaedias. Sometimes you get lucky and find ones with hand-marbled covers. Display them as you would any other work of art.”

Lay a beautiful table

“Even if you’re by yourself or just with one other person, this can really lift your mood. Start with a multicoloured tablecloth, then pull out your favourite colours and use them to inspire your tableware. I love pinks and greens for spring, so I might do rose-trimmed scalloped placemats with our forest swirl candles, for example.”

Embrace pops of colour

“There’s still a lot of anxiety around working with bright colours when it comes to home decor, but there are ways of doing it that don’t require a massive commitment. The accessories in my home are quite out there but are kept grounded by some solid, neutral furniture. I just got a heavy woollen blanket with rainbow stripes to throw over my olive green sofa in my living room and a wonderfully vibrant painting by the French artist Bertrand Fournier, who I work with through The Dots Project, to hang next to it. Lights are another great way to add a splash of colour, whether in the form of a beautiful marbled shade or a vintage Murano lamp.”

Rearrange your bookshelves

“As most interior designers will tell you, shelves are for more than just books. Mine are filled with stacks of magazines, usually topped with a candle. It’s also a great place to show off a beautiful vase, like the gorgeous ceramic ones from Florence St George, and rest small paintings at different heights.”

Select quirkier frames

“There are no rules when it comes to framing, and sometimes choosing the predictable option can be a little dull. Instead, pair an old antique-y painting with a sleek modern frame, or vice versa. I visited a client recently, and she had put a contemporary work from The Dot Project in a hundred-year-old wooden border, and the juxtaposition looked incredible.”

Consider a pinboard

“You sometimes feel this pressure with interiors to make your home look incredibly streamlined and ready to be photographed for a magazine at any moment. Resist it! I just installed a massive pinboard. I’m going to fill it with photographs, cut-outs, mementos… It just adds a nice touch of personality to a space.”

Written by Hayley Maitland.

This article orignally appeared on Vogue Living UK.