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H&G It Yourself: Add a bohemian touch to your home with these 4 simple steps

In recent years, the term “Boho” has become commonplace in most people’s dictionaries

By IANS | July 10, 2022 | Diy

The Boho style takes a free-spirited and laid-back approach with its artistic and Avant-garde design.

Boho, short for Bohemian, has been around since the 16th century and exudes an aesthetic and appealing vibe when done correctly.

Gabriel Gil, head of design and innovation at Bonito Designs said: “The Bohemian approach, as a melting pot of cultures and styles, allows the designer tremendous freedom. However, it is easy to overdo this freedom, resulting in a cluttered, disorganised home.”

Gil shares a few easy steps anyone can take to incorporate chic Bohemian style into their homes Bohemian vibes can be incorporated in various ways, whether minimalist or vibrant, neutral or multi-hued. If you are not a fan of colourful places, choosing neutral colours for the walls, furniture like sofa, coffee table, and rugs can work wonders.

One can also use leather and wicker to add a touch of modernistic Boho culture without going overboard. At the same time, if you prefer colours, try adding bright and vibrant colours in the form of cushions or tiles. With neutral colour walls, such contrasting hues can liven up the place.

Add souvenirs from around the world to give an authentic Boho aura

Image: Unsplash

Bohemian culture has been widely appreciated by people filled with wanderlust. So, adding global accents such as vintage liquor bottles, handmade bird cages, blue potteries from Holland, Bohemian Glass from the Czech Republic, and Irish Whiskey, can effectively give your home authentic Boho vibes. You can collect these souvenirs while travelling around or order them from reliable platforms.

Mix and match, because nothing screams Boho like a quirky fusion

Image: Pexels

Bohemian art is all about expressing your inner creative madness with a hint of style. You can also spruce old furniture or bedsheets and use DIY hacks to make something unique and personalised. If you don't want to take this route, add rich, vibrant colours or patterns like geometric shapes with muted colours.

If you have sitting space near a window, make it aesthetically appealing by adding colourful cushions and rugs. Moreover, you can always explore a flea market to find the most appropriate furniture and combine it with existing pieces.

A true Bohemian home is incomplete without some greenery

Image: Unsplash

There’s not a single Bohemian place worldwide that doesn’t have a few plants hanging around aimlessly yet with a goal. From potted Monstera plants to Pothos, there are several plants that you can add to your home to up your Bohemian decor game.

You can also create a premium Boho haven by adding plants like Cacti, Ferns and Calatheas, which are readily available. You can suspend some plants on the hanger or place smaller plants on shelves, and voilà, your dreamy Bohemian-themed abode is complete.

Break the rules and go wild

Image: Unsplash

Bohemian culture is synonymous with pushing boundaries and exploring unknown areas. If a natural Boho ambience is what you are looking for, then buckle up to break some rules and let your imagination run wild. There is no right or wrong here. You can choose whatever suits your heart. By blending fun, maybe crazy and cosy colour palettes, furniture, lighting, and wilderness of different shapes and sizes of plants, you can transform your residence into a beautiful Boho home.

The right blend of simplicity, attention to detail, and a personal touch will help you spruce up your home interiors and create the perfect Boho dwelling.

Article originally appeared on IOL