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Sculptural Chairs That Make A Statement

From ornate thrones that seated the Medieval elite to the simple bean bag — chairs come in all shapes and sizes — and have largely maintained the same functionality throughout the years

By House & Garden South Africa | July 7, 2022 | Interiors

There’s something special about transforming a household staple into something completely unique that blurs the line between furniture and art. A good chair brings a lot more to a space than just a seat, so we've rounded up some sculptural chairs that combine practicality with art, and are sure to stand out in any space.

The Globe Garden Chair by Peter Opsvik

Garden Chair by Peter Opsvik, Image: Supplied

The Globe Garden Chair: For when sitting down the traditional way gets boring. This innovative design combines a unique botanical structure with soft, spherical seating to create a chair that breaks all norms of how to sit down ‘correctly’. The concept of this chair is to allow a person to lounge in a variety of different positions, while its elevated height is a catalyst for improved ergonomics. Form and function? Check.

The Cowrie Chair by Made In Ratio

The Cowrie Chair by Made In Ratio; Photographed Peter Guenzel

Inspired by the concave lines of sea shells, The Cowrie chair’s all-in-one, curvilinear structure blends forms of the natural world with a modern and minimalist twist. Formed in plywood and available in a range of colours, this chair has a unique ability to suit a variety of interior design styles, allowing it to stand out or blend in, depending on what your preference is. Simple yet striking, the Cowrie is undoubtedly a sculptural chair that makes a statement.

Stye Goes To Paris by Misha Kahn

Stye Goes To Paris by Misha Kahn, Image: Supplied

This chair by New York-based artist Misha Kahn blends sculptural form with colour to create a piece of art that immediately catches the eye. Thanks to its unique shape that almost mimics movement as well as its glossy, fibreglass construction, this chair has a dynamism to it that brings life to any space.

The Utrecht Armchair by Cussina

The Utrecht Armchair by Cussina, Image: Supplied

Designed by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, The Utrecht Armchair combines interesting angles with a unique silhouette that fits in perfectly with today’s idea of modern design. There’s a distinct visual interest with this iconic chair, a backrest and seat that rests just off the floor and armrests that morph into the front legs. This contrast of right-angles and an unconventionally-slanted seat takes the humble chair back to its structural basics in the most extraordinary way.

Beneath Armchair by Leo Orta

Beneath Armchair by Leo Orta, Image: Supplied

Organic in shape and bold in colour, the Beneath Armchair by Leo Orta is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Its wonderfully asymmetrical shape pushes the boundaries of seating to its limits, challenging the usual conventions of what a chair is in a mysterious and fascinating manner. This functional work of art stays true to the practicality of a standard chair, but experiments with its aesthetic value, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that’s a treat to look at.

Words by Shai Rama