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Double Tap: H&G Team’s favourite Instagram posts this week

We’re all populating our saved tabs on Instagram regularly, here, the team at House & Garden shares what they loved seeing on their feeds

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By Palesa Kgasane  | June 17, 2022 | Design

Design Week may have come and gone, but, there is always a wealth of inspiration on Instagram (even with the ever-changing algorithm). From home makeovers to foodstagrams, these are the team’s picks.

Scandi chic

Stunning Scandi chic and warm minimalism combine in House CCB by sophisticated Swiss architectural firm Ralph Germann. The project, which is situated in Valais, Switzerland, features gorgeous woodwork and raw materials. The way the designers play with natural light is unbelievable. Photography by Lionel Henriod - Walter, Managing and Syndication Editor

Dream Home Makeover

I’m a fan of the renovation style the Mgee’s do and their show on Netflix, Dream Home Makeover so I’m always glued to their IG account. I also think nurseries that children can grow into is the way to go and these neutral palates are not only beautiful make transitioning with growing children a breeze in my opinion. - Lesley, Managing Editor

Chef Thomas Straker

Cooking and eating is a territory that I often indulge in. Cooking with butter is the golden rule to making anything taste delicious and leaving you one step closer to a well deserved heart attack. Which is why I have fallen in love with Chef Thomas Strakers exploration of butter flavour combinations. The one I have included is his Tomato and chilli butter combination, completely drool worthy and will help elevate any piece of toast to almost heavenly! - Thea, Art Director

Peggy Kuiper

I’m probably late to the party but I recently came across the work of photographer and artist Peggy Kuiper. I find her style of abstract painting really evocative and striking. I especially love her use of colour. I can imagine that it takes a lot to stand out in the art world, especially when social media has sped up the process of getting discovered, but her work on its own, is brilliant and she’s now on my list of artists whose work I would like to see live. Go, Peggy! - Palesa, Content Producer

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