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Double Tap: The H&G Team’s Favourite Instagram Posts this Week

Instagram is home to some of the best images, there is inspiration everywhere. This is our round-up of the most striking posts this week

By Palesa Kgasane  | March 11, 2022 | Trends

We have scoured Instagram to bring you a weekly dose of all things design; furniture, art, architecture, and even a little bit of fashion. This is the first instalment of our best design Instagram posts spotted by the House & G team this week. Double tap.

Loak Sanctuary

This low-slung lounge (or more accurately, majlis) by Egyptian design firm @loakdesigns is every bit the soothing, symmetrical sanctuary space we all want to be in right about now. I’m going through a protracted love affair with biscuit-and-beige tones, especially when expressed through this kind of layering of natural materials in their raw state – cotton on timber on straw on stone – I could disappear into this room with a good book all weekend - Piet, Editor-in-Chief

Handcrafted in Malawi

I am an avid lover of homeware items and supporting black businesses. I recently followed The Reverency on Instagram and their page meets all my aspirational content goals. My favourite item right now is their multi-functional basket. If you’re a plant lover like me, you’ll know that baskets have recently replaced conventional plant pot stands. But that’s not all, their uses extend to unexpected limits. They’re also perfect as additional storage because they tend to help organise small spaces like my apartment without leaving aside aesthetic considerations. On many occasions they've become the container for my laundry lol. - Arthur, Campaign Manager

Lush Flowers

Loving the fresh take on rose-inspired ikebana from local florist Lush - Thea, Art Director

Coperni x Heven

Is it a bag? Is it a vase? This week, fashion design brand Coperni debuted an incredible bag collaboration with Brooklyn-based glassware brand Heven at New York Fashion week as part of their Autumn/Winter 2022 range. I’m really into collabs that bridge the gap between fashion and furniture - this design is just that - Palesa, Content Producer

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