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Hendre Bloem's reimagining of a modern family home

Using classic design and timeless style, interior designer Hendre Bloem created a home where each room has unique personality

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By Shannon Manuel | February 1, 2022 | Interiors

Known for a very clean-lined aesthetic that focuses on a classic design, Hendre Bloem approaches design with a firm eye on the details and longevity. ‘I want to create spaces that will still look relevant and beautiful ten years down the line,’ the designer explains. ‘With this project, the homeowners provided me with a blank canvas. The home required no structural changes, but a focus on adding to the existing space.’

At his first viewing, stand out elements of the space were its staircase and garden. ‘While the staircase and balustrade were already in place, I saw it as an ideal opportunity to transform it into a focal point that contrasts with the rest of the house because it is such a central element,’ says Hendre. The surrounding garden greenery brings the outside in, heavily influenced by the colour scheme and tones chosen for the main living area – ergo, emerald green with a sprinkling of turmeric yellow.

Photo by Karl Rogers

The home’s architecture presented a simple canvas, all straight lines and corners as modern builds tend to be. As such, Hendre explains: ‘I wanted the interior to add detail interestingly and unusually yet complement the architecture.’ What this did not entail was cluttering the space with superfluous things for the sake of it. ‘The elements are curated and functional. The open-plan design of the home needed negative space to maintain a natural flow,’ he says.

For Hendre, the overall style of the interior is at once timeless and modern, showcasing a celebration of textures and materials that are evident through the different uses of timber, marble and fabrics. Maintaining this idea of classic individuality, imported and custom-made furniture are primary features and pieces from the Hendre Bloem furniture range. Wall decor – custom-designed mirrors, artwork, decorative accents – added personality and created unique focal points. ‘Colour is introduced through artwork, beautiful pendant lighting and accents. It is in the dining room chairs, a neutral lounge area featuring a luxurious rug with a dark blue-green undertone, and gold accents from brass details add a touch of glamour,’ says Hendre.

Photo by Karl Rogers

He followed the client’s brief to bring in more colour, especially in the bedrooms (where he installed feature walls, bold accessories and furniture pieces). ‘Each room has a unique personality, one featuring a statement wall covering emblazoned with decorative trees,’ says Hendre. ‘One of my favourite spaces in the house is the guest bathroom, for which I custom-designed a hot, rolled vanity that has a beautiful marble inlay top, is made of steel and is set against textured wallpaper, above which hangs a Tom Dixon pendant light.’

For Hendre, the final element was to enhance these visually unique spaces by creating a balance of contrasts, whether a black oak dining table set against a light oak floor or furniture pieces upholstered in two different fabrics (this comes with an added texture-play element). Says the designer: ‘The combination of sleek and refined elements with those that are sort of industrial yet precise and detailed, complement each other splendidly.’

Take the full house tour at the gallery below and for more about Hendre Bloem Interior Design visit

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