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A 5 step home makeover you can complete in a weekend

Need a change of scenery? Here are a few ways you can give your living space a fresh look on a time and money budget

By House & Garden South Africa | December 26, 2021 | Diy

As the saying goes, change is as good as a holiday. So as we head into the last stretch of what has been a very long 2021, a change of environment and shift of perspective is welcome. When it comes to fresh perspectives, nothing beats the renewing effect of a thorough home makeover. Below we lay out where to begin, how to get the feel right without overthinking and how to get it done quickly and without spending too much money.


The best way to prepare your home for summer is to declutter and move all winter items to their respective places. This means banishing all winter clothes and blankets. Also, try and sort out all the toiletries and cosmetics in the bathroom drawers. As you declutter and organise your home, ask yourself if there are any items lying around that you no longer need. If there are, take photos and sell them through online sites like Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace to make some extra cash.

Get the things you need for your update

Spring is a great time to implement all the changes you planned to make around your home during winter. This can be anything from updating the kitchen with the latest appliances or replacing the lounge suite. If finances are tight, before you go on a shopping spree to buy all the things you need and use lots of credit to do so, give some thought to trying something different. You could, for instance, get hold of the items you need on a rent-to-own basis, such as that offered by Teljoy. This will give you all the things you need on a month-to-month contract with the option to take ownership after the predetermined rental period.

Rearrange your furniture

Another way to freshen up the home is to rearrange the furniture. If you get tired of the same layout in the bedroom, place the bed against a different wall. Rotate the living room’s seating area around by shifting the lounge furniture to different places. You could also spice things up by moving your artwork around in your home.

Bring out the lighter fabrics

Now that the warmer weather has finally arrived, it’s time to reintroduce some lighter fabrics into the mix. For example, instead of those warm thick comforters, think cool and crisp cotton sheets. Now would also be a great time to bring out the botanical print bedding to add the spring theme to your bedroom. For the living room, you could swap the dark coloured curtains and replace them with a brightly coloured set. Making these small subtle changes to your home will make it feel brand new.

Add some greenery

One of, if not the best way to get your home ready for spring would be to bring the outdoors in. Get some flowers from your garden and put them in a vase on your dining table. In spring, there are numerous colour options such as tulips, daffodils and primroses. You could also add a few mini succulent plants or ferns to freshen up your home. Check where you can order plants online, some boutiques offer curated greeneries for your home as well.