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Tips for creating an alfresco dining space

An outdoor kitchen is a year-round asset and choosing the right space for it is important

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By Staff Reporter | September 5, 2021 | Diy

The area you choose for your outdoor dining area should be wind-free and as close to the kitchen as possible, so going back and forth is not a chore, as often these kitchens do not have a second set of dishes, cookware or appliances.

Whether your space is a back garden in the suburbs, a roof deck in the city or a wide porch in the country, you’ll want to consider hard-wearing materials for built-in counters, seating benches and storage units that remain fresh-looking while surviving the onslaught of cooking activities, dirt, dust and rain.

You will need

Cooking and grilling areas

Countertops and prep stations


A dining area


How to get cooking

If you already have a sizeable patio or deck area, incorporating an outdoor kitchen into that space is relatively simple.

An existing deck can easily be turned into a basic outdoor food prep and dining area by adding a braai stand or grill, a countertop and a table with comfortable chairs.

Remember to consider the lighting and power points for appliances. In the luxury market, we’re seeing full-on outdoor kitchens complete with bar areas, islands, ovens, stoves and extra storage space.

These features allow the host to be present with their guests outside while they are preparing a meal.

While custom kitchens give you more choices, a prefab outdoor kitchen will be more cost-effective.