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How to update your bedroom for spring

A list of simple things to add to your to-do-list that will help you create a fresh, new look for your living space

By Amy Saunders  | August 30, 2021 | Category

Picture: Unsplash
Picture: Unsplash

Since we’re spending almost all of our time in our homes, this year’s spring update will probably be way more hands-on than ever before. We all deserve a living space that inspires and uplifts as much as it offers functionality and comfort.

To get things started in the bedroom, we spoke to linen experts Volpes who shared their tips for quick bedroom fixes and decor trends to consider, from new bedside lights for an instant update to upping the cosy factor with area rugs, colour and texture.


Decluttering your bedroom and giving it a good spring clean will do wonders. A messy bedroom is not conducive to relaxation. Clear out the drawers in the bedside pedestal and vacuum or steam clean the mattress, headboard, base and the floor under the bed.

Bring the outside in

Being inside for so long has left us all craving for a connection to nature. Satisfy this desire for everything natural with leaf prints, bird motifs and, of course, florals in different patterns and styles that will always provide the feel-good factor. The easiest way to introduce this trend is through a new duvet set featuring these motifs. Complement the back-to-nature theme by including accessories in colours such as earthy clay and golden honey and furniture in wood and wicker.

Update your linen

Refresh a tired scheme with a new duvet cover and pillow slips. All it takes is a shopping trip.

Go with classic cotton

There's nothing like slipping between crisp white cotton sheets to make you feel good. Natural fibres, such as cotton, are breathable, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. It's worth investing in good quality bedlinen like Volpes luxurious 600 thread count Egyptian cotton, as it's extra soft and lasts twice as long. It's also the basis of another look that will never go out of style - the all-white bedroom.

Add the element of comfort

Make your bed look more comfortable and inviting with a throw in a gorgeous colour that complements the rest of the room. You'll be amazed at the difference a small change like this can make. Throws are also great for snuggling under for an afternoon nap. And yes, napping is good for you.

Colour your world

Colour and pattern are trending globally. Colour is known to affect our moods, so to establish a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom, look for bedlinen in calming pastels such as duck-egg blues, aquas, soft greens and greys and naturals in both patterns and plains. Add colourful accents with cosy throws, blankets, scatter cushions and rugs.

The beauty in imperfection

There's a lot of emphasis on authenticity, a philosophy that the Japanese refer to as wabi-sabi: embracing beauty in imperfection. Volpes’ natural washed cotton bed linen reflects this perfectly. Ideal for a minimalist, contemporary casual style, the soft crumpled texture is inviting and adds to the beauty and comfort of your bedroom.

Make a statement

For your bedroom to look complete, it needs a headboard. Not only does a headboard protect the wall and keep the pillows in place, but it also gives the room a focal point, something to draw the eye and make a statement.