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The 20 most influential cities for design, according to Pinterest

Which cities light up your interior aspirations on Pinterest? According to new research, the top 20 will take you all over the globe

By Vogue UK | September 21, 2021 | Trends

We know that lightbulb moments of home inspiration can spring up at any time. Scrolling the Instagram feed of your favourite influencer. Shopping for new sheets, coffee table books or tableware online. Or, browsing through Vogue Living’s extensive archive of house tours. But if there’s one platform that really delivers on design vision, it has to be Pinterest.

Ever since the image-sharing platform was introduced in 2009, it’s been a winning resource for anyone renovating, building, decorating—or simply mood boarding—their dream home. And with the (pre-Covid) world more connected than ever, it stands to reason when we’re searching for inspiration, we look beyond borders. From the iconic Haussmannien architecture of Paris to the sun-dappled streets of Lisbon, new research by reveals that some of the world’s best cities are ripe for interior design inspiration. Crunching the numbers in a new study, they’ve revealed the top cities for fashion and décor inspiration.

Keep scrolling to discover the top 20 cities and find out which Australian city took the number four spot.

20. Istanbul, Turkey

Number of pins: 177

Picture: Unsplash

19. Vienna, Austria

Number of pins: 181

Picture: Unsplash

18. Hong Kong, China

Number of pins: 186

Picture: Unsplash

17. Cape Town, South Africa

Number of pins: 218

Picture: Unsplash

16. Savannah, USA

Number of pins: 220

Picture: Unsplash

15. Boston, USA

Number of pins: 225

Picture: Unsplash

14. Lisbon, Portugal

Number of pins: 227

Picture: Unsplash

13. Singapore

Number of pins: 248

Picture: Unsplash

12. Athens, Greece

Number of pins: 268

Picture: Unsplash

11. Delhi, India

Number of pins: 283

Picture: Humayun’s Tomb Delhi, Unsplash

10. Madrid, Spain

Number of pins: 291

Picture: Unsplash

9. Montreal, Canada

Number of pins: 296

Picture: Unsplash

8. Chicago, USA

Number of pins: 308

Picture: Unsplash

7. Paris, France

Number of pins: 320

Picture: Unsplash

6. São Paulo, Brazil

Number of pins: 335

Picture: Templo Zu Lai, São Paulo, Brazil, Unsplash

5. Mumbai, India

Number of pins: 400

Picture: The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai, Unsplash

4. Sydney, Australia

Number of pins: 584

Picture: Unsplash

3. Toronto, Canada

Number of pins: 646

Picture: Unsplash

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Number of pins: 707

Picture: The free fall fountain in Dubai Mall, Unsplash

1. Los Angeles, USA

Number of pins: 1,000

Picture: One of the most recognizable homes in Los Angeles, the Stahl House, Unsplash

Written by Yeong Sassall.

This article originally appeared on Vogue Living Australia.