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See OKHA’s New Sculpted Forms Collection Exhibited at Milan Design Week 2024

OKHA Design Studio unveils their latest casual seating for a luxurious kitchen setting

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | April 18, 2024 | Design

Complimenting ARCC's design for the Architectural Scenarios exhibition at Valcucine are select furniture pieces by OKHA Design Studio, which propose a hybrid seating area of relaxed, convivial sophistication in a luxurious kitchen setting.

OKHA’s polished steel ‘CUT FORMS’ side tables create not only adds an inviting luxury touch, but a functional piece to any seating area. Photography by Piergiorgio Sorgetti.

The REPOSE chaise, REPOSE armchair and polished steel CUT FORMS side tables offer an aesthetic narrative of sculptural form and poised silhouettes in a soft landscape of inviting luxury. Counter seats and dining chairs in OKHA'S signature pragmatic and poetic design codes complete the picture of individuated design.

Introducing The REPOSE Armchair by OKHA Design

The REPOSE armchair by OKHA Design Studio presented at Milan Design Week 2024. Photography by Piergiorgio Sorgetti.

Newly launched, the REPOSE armchair continues the aesthetic mandate begun by the REPOSE collection of seating. Designed to be supremely comfortable and enveloping, the asymmetrical form of the REPOSE seat and backrest is intended to gratify the intuitive act of sitting. In any position. Facing in any direction. This versatility naturally extends to its functional position in a seating composition, encouraging a formal freedom of arrangement that suits the dynamic requirements of contemporary living spaces.

The REPOSE Chaise and arm chair strike a balance of both curved forms and subtle angles, referencing retro design aesthetics. Photography by Piergiorgio Sorgetti.

Both feminine and futuristic in feel, the composition of curvy forms, subtle angles and asymmetry that distinguish the REPOSE reference a retro modern mood of sophisticated lounge culture expressed in the colour nuances of the upholstery and polished chrome base.

OKHA Design’s ‘CUT FORMS’ side tables bring not only a futuristic feel to a space, but a sense of organisation. Photography by Piergiorgio Sorgetti.

CUT FORMS are side tables as small monuments of positive and negative form. To materialize CUT FORMS, OKHA Creative Director Adam Court coaxes a new order from a rudimentary rectangular block by carving away in swift precise movements, shapes that when removed reveal a totemic, futuristic and re organized mass. The electropolished metallic finish transcends time. It is past, present, future, maximal, minimal, reductionist, industrial, glamorous. A capsule possessing many states existing as one.

"This is not about destroying one form to make it speak but creating a new form with another language" says Court.