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This Ilé Ilà chair collection is a bright explosion of colour

Nigerian architect Tosin Oshinowo is turning the armchair, wingback chairs and ottomans into art

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By Amy Saunders | January 15, 2022 | Art

Inspired by her interest in West African fabrics and hardwoods, architect and founder of the Ilé Ilà furniture line, Tosin Oshinowo, is creating captivating designs for the modern home. The Nigerian creative launched her design brand Ilé Ilà, which translated means "House of Lines", with the vision to celebrate her native Yoruba culture.

Picture: Tosin Oshinowo, Instagram/@ile.ila

The contemporary and minimalist furniture collection is designed and hand-made in Lagos, Nigeria using locally sourced materials and aso oke fabric, which is the hand-woven cloth created by Yoruba people in West Africa. The collection includes the Àdùnní chair meaning 'daughter of the sweet one' in Yoruba, the Line Chair which is influenced by the post-war modern movement, the Arm Chair collection which is influenced by the classic Victorian armchair and the bespoke Ironrun Collection made of steel.

Ilé Ilà designs are growing in popularity and were recently featured as one of GQ’s 13 Coolest Chairs on the Planet and featured on AD Clever where Tosin shared how when she launched her brand in 2017 the chairs were like a “burst of culture and vibrant colours, and people resonated with them because nobody was doing anything specifically like that.”

“Nigerians grow up with the idea that chairs made from locally sourced clothing materials are traditional and only appeal to old people. And then, all of a sudden, it is being put in a young, urban context, and it is something that people can use.”, she said.

Take a look at the bright and colourful Ilé Ilà chair collection in the gallery below and for more information visit Ilé Ilà on

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