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New Banksy works appear in artist’s latest ’spraycation’

A 3-minute IGTV video, entitled ’A Great British Spraycation’, shows the elusive artist embarking on a summer road trip.

By House & Garden South Africa | August 17, 2021 | Category

Image: @banksy/Instagram
Image: @banksy/Instagram

After a week of speculation, famous street artist Banksy, confirmed - in a rather elaborate way - that he is indeed the author of a few new artworks that have popped up recently across a number of British seaside towns.

A 3-minute IGTV video, entitled ’A Great British Spraycation’, was posted to the official Banksy Instagram page. The clip shows the elusive artist embarking on a summer road trip in a caravan with his cans of spray paint in tow.

In one work, on the concrete sea-defence wall of a British beach, a rat lounges in a deckchair, sipping a cocktail.

In another, sticking to the seaside theme, a mechanical claw dangles above a public bench - as if anyone who sits there is about to be plucked up like a prize in an arcade game.

Another shows a giant seagull swooping down to snatch some French fries from a public waste bin.

In a black and white painting on the roof of a bus shelter, a couple dance to the tune of an accordian player, evoking the run-down feel of many of Britain's once prosperous seaside resorts.

In another striking work, three children are sitting in a rickety boat. One looks ahead while the another is busy bailing out water with a bucket. Above them, appears the inscription: "We're all in the same boat."

Over the years, the British artist has cleverly maintained his identity while capturing the attention of the contemporary art world through his social commentary and causes - from migrants and poverty to Brexit and the Israel-Palestinian conflict, to name a few.

Last March, a work honouring caregivers fetched a record 14.4 million pounds (just under R295 million). The proceeds went to a hospital charity, Christie's auctioneers said at the time.