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Visual artist Loyiso Mkize’s debut for DC Comics

Mkize has pencilled his first comic book for DC Comics which will go on sale at bookstores from June 8 in the US

By Alyssia Birjalal | May 11, 2021 | Category

Loyiso Mkize. Image: Twitter
Loyiso Mkize. Image: Twitter

Cape Town visual artist and creator Loyiso Mkize and the man behind Mzansi's first ever superhero “Kwezi” – has made it to the big leagues.

Mkize has pencilled his first comic book for DC Comics which will go on sale at bookstores from June 8 in the US.

He took to Instagram to announce the news and give fans a sneak peak of what he has been working hard on.

In the caption he wrote: “🚨Achievement unlocked! 🚨 My debut for DC comics!!! Recently had the pleasure of pencilling an episode of Luke Fox taking on The Riddler! 😈🦇BATMAN: URBAN LEGENDS #4.

“So excited! S/o to @_ben_abernathy_ and everyone involved especially @camrusj for the kickass script!

“On Sale Tuesday, June 8 in the US!!! Head to your local comic book store to Pre order today!!!!!!

“Penciled By: @loyisomkize Inked By: Trevor Scott Colored By: @adalhouse Cover By: @duss005 Lettered By ALW’s @troypeteri Edited By: @_ben_abernathy_ @DCComics @theDCNation @Batman”.

After seven years of working on “Kwezi Comic Books” and 15 episodes of the superhero series, Mkize ended his journey with the superhero in April with his latest collectors edition 13 to 15 currently on sale.

The comic book shared the life of Kwezi, a uniquely South African superhero set in the vibrant city of Joburg.

Fans entered Kwezi’s world in 2018 as he discovered his powers and how they can be used for good.

Documenting his final works, Mkize said: “That's a wrap!!! Finally celebrating 15 whole episodes of Mzanzi's superhero series @kwezi_flyboy!! It's been seven years of capturing our youths imagination and inspiring a heroic age in Mzanzi storytelling.

“S/o to the young fans who've made this project the most rewarding labour of love!

”And with the animated series in the horizon, now, we conquer the world!!! 🌎💯💥The latest collectors edition #13 - #15 will be on shelves in May at leading bookstores nationwide!#KWEZI-verse #kwezicomics #kwezi_flyboy #lmart #african #comics #comicbooks #superhero #azania,” wrote Mkize about this last offering on Kwezi.

Kwezi Comic Book fans offered up some kind words.

“It’s been wonderful to watch your journey with this Loyiso 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽,” said former news anchor and television presenter, Melanie Bala.

While Alasong Artworks said: “Congratulations!✊🏾 Been trying to get a hold of these in the USA for a while now. Excited for you💪🏾”.

Excited fans also congratulated Mkize on his new venture with DC Comics.

Asanda Sizani said: “In tears! Thank you for inspiring us”.

While stealthstrongarm said: “WHAT?! Achievement unlocked for real!! This is absolutely amazing!!! Wow!! ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥”.

Feature Image: Twitter