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Design Solution: Spring's Biggest Trends for Outdoor Areas

Small details and hard-working materials lead the way with outdoor furniture trends this Spring

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By Edwain Steenkamp  | September 30, 2023 | Design

When designed with care, an outdoor space can be a harmonious extension of your interior. Opt for transitional furniture; pieces that blend traditional and modern design, to create a moderate aesthetic that is neither too serious nor too outdated. As always, introduce your most hard-working materials here: wrought iron, concrete, resin, glass, teak, and plastic. Take special care of these through regular cleaning and polishing, because as tough as they may be, they can still weather and bleach over time.

Surprise Visitors

Bolder, more audacious designs make for beautiful outdoor companions, especially in more water-wise or subdued gardens where there are little to no flowers. Need convincing? Just take a look at the stunning ‘Woven’ dining table by Douglas & Douglas.

‘Woven’ dining table by Douglas & Douglas. Image: supplied.

Modular Mood

While comfort is key in modular furniture design, it also allows the user freedom to manipulate, move, and shape for a highly personalised arrangement. Here, the ‘Zendo’ set by Manutti is available at Plaisir du Jardin.

‘Zendo’ set by Manutti, available through Plaisir du Jardin. Image: Isaac Lchou

Hard Feelings

Hard-working materials can take on new life to create unexpected and interesting finishes, as seen in the ‘Marrakesh’ aluminium outdoor table by Hertex Haus. Built to withstand even the harshest climates, it’s a design-forward investment.

‘Marrakesh’ aluminium outdoor table by Hertex Haus. Image: supplied

Most of us live in transitional spaces, that is, spaces that cross over from indoors to outdoors. Because you want to enjoy both of them at all times with a sense of security, be sure to protect both with functional divisions. This could be in the form of security gates, fences or shutters. Don’t be discouraged though! With bold new designs available, it can be every bit as chic as all the other design elements you’ve incorpotated.

These security shutters by Plantation Shutters make for the perfect way to secure your spaces, while opening both up for true transitional use. Image: by Plantation Shutters

Green Dream

Greenhouses allow you to cultivate vegetables and exotic plants year-round, offering a sustainable and convenient solution for those among us with green thumbs. The best part? Greenhouses needn’t be a laborious building project. For the beginner and daring gardener alike, pre-packed greenhouses for home-assembly are readily available throughout the country. In no time at all, you’ll have a thriving, enclosed ecosystem impervious to our climate or sudden weather changes.

Greenhouses allow you to cultivate vegetables and exotic plants year-round. Image: supplied