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Rooibos Tea is the New Trending Colour. Here's How to Use it at Home

‘Rooibos Tea’ is the surprising colour that shined in Pantone’s latest colour trends report from New York Fashion Week

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | September 28, 2023 | Trends

With New York Fashion Week wrapping up, colours and trends spotted on the glamorous runways will soon make their way into the zeitgeist of home decor. Within the unique palette of colour trends seen throughout designers’ collections a subtle nod to South Africa was at the fore as Pantone coined a “full bodied red imbued with rich, woody notes”, as Rooibos Tea.

Rooibos Tea may be a rich shade of red in Pantone’s vision, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a shade in the home that is easy on the eyes. Here are three ways you can incorporate this sumptuous shade of red in your home.

Paint the ceiling Rooibos Tea red

A lick of paint is a great way to reinvent a space with very little intervention. Also, who says paint is only for your four walls? Painting your ceiling red will create an opulent feeling to a room with a very swanky shade of red. Colour choices also have a psychological effect. Red can traditionally create a sense of excitement, but Rooibos Tea is a more subdued shade that can create a loving and passionate feeling. Painting your ceiling Rooibos Tea red will also add a contemporary edge to your living room, dining area, or sitting room that to some may shrink a space, but will also promote comfort and cosiness.

Painting your ceiling a different colour like Rooibos Tea is a unique way to reinvigorate a room. Image: supplied

Marry texture and colour through accessories

Red is a very rich colour by nature, but this can be amped up even more by finding items that have lush and exotic textures. Let accessories be your guide to creating a luxurious feeling to your space if you are on a small budget by virtue of velvet cushions, throws, or table cloths. Rooibos Tea-coloured ceramics like vases, trays, and dishes are a great way to give a more African style flair to a space. Reupholstering old furniture is another unique method to achieve a Rooibos Tea aesthetic in your home, like linen seating and unique weaves in couches and cushions.

Marry the rich tones of Rooibos Tea with luxurious textures like velvet, linen, and suede to create an opulent aesthetic. Image via Unsplash.

Set the mood with warm, rooibos tea-coloured lighting

Rooibos tea is a beverage South Africans turn to for warmth and comfort, making it the perfect shade of red to create a cosy and homely tone to a room. Especially if you opt for lighting from lamps as opposed to harsher, overhead lights, then rooibos red lamp shades, salt lamps, and colour-changing light bulbs is a great way to introduce Rooibos Tea into any room.

Red lampshades are an easy way to create a different mood in a space. Image via Unsplash.