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Save, spend, splurge: 3 Vases to bring spring into your living space

Find the perfect vase for your floral arrangements across three price brackets.

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | August 8, 2023 | Shopping

Spring is in the air, and what better way to bring the warmer weather inside than a fresh floral arrangement? When it comes to finding inspiration for the best vase for your flowers, there are three things to look out for: Shape, Size, and Price.

Here are three locally-available vases to house your flowers that will save you money, offer the best value to showcase fresh flowers again and again, or a sculptural vessel with a price tag to match.

Save: Clear Glass Vase from H&M Home

Large clear glass vase, R379, H&M Home

Clear glass vases are a good choice to provide a clean slate that allows the colours and textures of your flowers to take centre stage. They are typically the most affordable too. But a clear glass vase does not have to be boring, and can bring its own flair to the party. H&M Home has a clear glass vase with a hammered texture, that can easily stand on its own without clashing with brightly coloured flowers. Standing large and in charge at 19cm tall with a 16cm diameter, this vase is perfect endless customised floral arrangements.

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Spend: Wobbly Vase from Poetry

Glass Wobbly Vase, R449, Poetry

A vase that is versatile, quirky, and a good value is the Wobbly Vase from Poetry. The vase’s fluid form gives the illusion of flowing water that makes it both modern and playful. But the wider body and narrow opening calls for a minimal floral arrangement to balance out the contrasting silhouettes. For this vase, flowers with tall stems would beautifully juxtapose the vase’s free-form nature.

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Splurge: Ring Vase by Dokter and Misses

Ring Vase, R1,100, Dokter and Misses

If you are looking for a vase as a statement piece and the budget is flexible, there is a lot of fun to be had with the Ring Vase by Dokter and Misses. The vase has a series of test tubes which can house an abundance of flowers, or for the minimalists, a single flower to stand out.

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